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Generosity 2018-7-13

Greetings to my lovely ones who listen for my voice and obey me each day!

The subject for today is "generosity." The natural heart of man is selfish and centered upon his or her own thoughts, feelings, and needs. It has been so since the fall In the Garden of Eden. The mind without the Spirit of God seeks only to satisfy its own needs. But this is the opposite of the thoughts of God. The nature and character of the members of the godhead is to give. Thus, when man is a finished product of grace and has been cleansed of all sin and prepared to live forever in the family of God, the mind of God will be reproduced in the heart, soul, and mind of everyone who is a part of the redeemed. Even the word redeemed is descriptive of the restoration back to the original pattern of the mind and emotions of mankind when they were created in the beginning.

In those early days after the creation, their minds were untested and untried. Maturation can only take place when the mind is exercised by opportunities to make decisions on the basis of intelligent thinking processes. The will must come into play, for mental, emotional, and spiritual growth depends upon right-thinking and proper choices. That is why I put the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the garden. I did not do this because I wanted them to be tempted. I put the tree there to give opportunity for intelligent decisions based upon right-thinking, and thus the powers of the mind would be strengthened to understand truth and obey by conscious choice, not rote obedience without comprehension of the factors involved. This is still my intention as I gather my faithful ones to me who have observed the fruit of sin and have come into complete agreement with me on every point, and would rather die than sin. The cause and effect of rebellion as now completely observable by everyone, and only those who truly agree with me on every point from an understanding of the reason behind my requirements will be accepted into heaven.

But what does this have to do with generosity? This is because the atmosphere of heaven is unselfish giving, which is the opposite of the root of sin. Love is outward focused to minister to the needs of others, and finds its fulfillment and peace and joy in seeing the happiness of others. Selfishness is centered upon one's own needs and desires, and sees the world through the eyes of self-fulfillment. Love thinks things through and does not act by impulse. Can you imagine what would have been the outcome of careful thinking and reasoning from cause to effect by Adam and Eve before taking the apple? Impulsive thinking, reacting, and decision-making is always dangerous and self-centered. Bring every thought and decision and impulse to me and let me reveal to you the proper and safe way, which is the way of holiness and agreement with me, for I have only your happiness in view. Because I know the end from the beginning, I can protect you and guide you into safe paths.

What will be the result in your life if you refer to me before making decisions? You will become the outflowing of my love to others, and you yourself will be blessed and rewarded beyond measure. Remember, everything in my creation is made to serve a purpose and to reap the benefits of unselfish love by receiving the results of giving to others. The more you give, the more I will fill you with my love, joy, and peace, and restore your life with overflowing enrichment.

So as you go forward into your activities for the day, remember that I am right beside you to measure every trial and to help you through it successfully. I have walked this way before you, and I will give you my victory and peace if you will look to me for it. Then my blessings to you will flow out to others and back to heaven in the circle of love. Isn't that a rewarding way to look at life each day? And when you become a part of this circle of giving and receiving, you are already a part of the family in heaven! Lovingly, Jesus.

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