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Dearest Ones,

The message today is about "genuineness." You may think that this is a strange topic, but it is really about the present condition of my people. Do you remember what I said to the Laodicean church? "Buy of me gold tried in the fire, white raiment, and eyesalve." [Rev. 3:18.] This counsel covers the complete need of my people at this time. I have spoken to you about this before, but this time I want to let you know that there are two sections of my church today. The first section is my true people who love me and serve me with their whole hearts. These are looking forward to my coming with eagerness and anticipation, and have not let the bright light of the 1844 message grow dim or be forgotten. They are actively involved in whatever I ask them to do, and are hastening my coming with intensity and fervor. I look upon these with great joy, and I am sending upon them the latter rain in answer to their prayers.

Those who comprise the second group are my people in name only. They care nothing about my message in 1844 announcing the beginning of my ministry in the Most Holy Place of the heavenly Sanctuary. They keep the Sabbath perfunctorily if they keep it at all. They see no light in the writings, instructions, and prophetic utterances of my testimonies and messages through Ellen White, my messenger for the final days of earth's history. These vital messages are down-played or forgotten completely by those who pretend to be my people, but are not. They are imposters sent by the evil one to lead my weaker sheep into a stupor, and eventually spiritual death. And this is all gaining ground on the very verge of my coming. These will certainly receive their reward when I separate the sheep from the goats. [Matt. 25:31-46.]

So I am appealing to my true sheep who do hear my voice, to seek out those who are wavering and being influenced by the false teachers. Bring to my people the message of my soon coming, and teach those who respond how to be a part of the 144,000. It is not up to you to discern who will be among that number, and who will not. Just preach the truth, and leave to me and my angels the work of calling out who will go all the way through and who will not. But scatter the seeds of truth everywhere. Some will rise up against it and oppose you, as Satan's agents always do when truth is presented. Do not try to use arguments against them, but keep the Holy Spirit in your heart and speak only what He tells you to say, and He will attend your efforts, and protect you from all harm.

There will be some martyrs, but that is not for you to worry about, for I am calling you to be among the 144,000 to glorify me. Truth spoken in love must be the cutting edge of your message. It will win the hearts of those who are my true sheep, as I have said in John 10:2-5. The progress toward the end has begun, and nothing can turn back the clock now. It is onward to the kingdom with my called, chosen, and faithful ones by my side. [Rev. 17:14.]

So what will happen to those who oppose this last warning message? They will join the ranks of the opposition and be among your most bitter opponents, because when the hearts of those who have heard the truth turn from it and accept error, there becomes a hardness of heart to oppose everything which would cause them to question their course and turn from it before it is too late. On the other hand, many will come to your light and to the brightness of your rising [Isa. 60:1-3], for they are hungering for truth and will recognize it when it is brought to them. So the race to the end is on, and I am at the head of my army. Nothing can stop us now! Not the baying of the wolves or the roar of the lion, for the kingdom is coming, made up of my faithful ones.

Now, what does genuineness have to do with all of this? I am just pointing out that the members in my church are not all genuine followers of me and my truth. At this time it is a mixed multitude, as it was when Israel came out of Egypt. The mixed multitude often led my people into rebellion and idolatry, for though they came out of Egypt with my people for fear of the God of Israel, they were not converted and they still had Egypt in their hearts. So it is now with people who come out of other churches, but bring the theories and concepts with them from the churches to which they belonged. It is the devil's plan to use these people to infiltrate their ideas into my church and mix their teachings with mine. It was the mixed multitude who wanted to either bring Egypt's gods and ways with them, or go back to Egypt. So beware of false prophets and teachers who have no light in them or in their teachings. [Matt. 7:15-20; Isa. 8:20.]

I implore my people to return to the pure teachings of my remnant church as best taught and exemplified in the writings of Ellen White, for they are inspired by me. Remember how the people wanted to reject Moses as their leader and return to Egypt? [Num.14; 1-4.] So now some are wanting to make the Spirit of Prophecy of none effect. Do not listen to them, for they speak not the truth. Only those who have and believe in the genuine messages written for the last generation from the Word of God and the Testimonies will be able to go through the end safely. All others will fall by the wayside, for they are not genuine believers in my truth for these last days.

I am speaking these things to you because you do hear my voice and obey me and have not followed the world and mingled with unbelievers to learn their ways and imbibe their errors. Therefore I'm calling you to be as lights set on a hill for all to see the truth that I have given to my Seventh-Day Adventist church which will produce the remnant in whose mouth is no guile [Rev. 14:5]. Do you wish to follow the light that is shining from my throne all the way to the end? I know that you do, because you are already my spokesmen for those who want to go through to the end. I value your love, your friendship, and your obedience more highly than you can know, for it means that my work on earth is nearly finished and eternity is about to begin. Hold on to me and I will hold on to you with a love that will never let you go or let you be deceived. And as always, please remember that I am just a prayer away! Lovingly, Jesus.

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