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Hearing the Slightest Whisper of Jesus

Dearest Ones,

You have heard a message from my servant today that contains the truth on this subject. I have inspired him to research the subject carefully and well so that it can be presented clearly to anyone who needs to hear and understand. But I also want all of you to understand that while you cannot know the exact time of my coming, you can and must know when it is near and hasting greatly. This is one of the purposes that I have for sending you messages from my heart, so that you will not grow weary in well-doing and turn to the attractions of the world and become slothful servants on the verge of my coming. There has never been such an important time in history to be awake and alert to my slightest whisper, because without my constant guidance, you will be susceptible to human nature and the temptations of the devil to put off the day of my coming. This you must be wary of, for I am depending upon you to be my mouthpieces and interpreters to the world of the signs I am sending that the end is near at hand. I will use you to speak to individuals or to the masses, if you keep alert and watch for the doors that I will open before you. Already the angels are preparing for the arrival of my bride, and a celebration will resound throughout the universe that the great controversy is over and that the effects of sin are eradicated forever.

Now go to the remainder of your day, but do not forget to keep your eyes upward to hear my slightest whisper to guide you into further and further light which will make you more effective servants and watchman on the walls to warn every person to get ready for my coming. Many souls will be saved as a result of your faithfulness, and *you will see your Lord a-coming in a few short days! Lovingly, Jesus.

*SDA Hymnal, p. 438. Early Advent hymn sung by James White.

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