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In Holy Wedlock with Jesus

Dearest Ones,

I am with you today in spirit, and very interested in the sermon which was brought to you today, because it is in essence what you are beginning to experience from brethren who disagree with you about my human nature and the cleansing work of the second apartment, which I am performing for every child of mine who is in tune with the leadership of my Spirit speaking to their hearts to join me in preparing for my soon coming. Those who are rejecting this vital message do so because they have secret sins in their hearts that they do not want to be exposed, even to me. It is the spirit that possessed Satan's heart in heaven, and springs from pride and the desire not to submit their cherished beliefs and opinions, and they will stop at nothing to protect themselves from exposure of their errors. They are not aware of what they are doing, for Satan has blinded them to their true motives. But I will set my hand to expose the error of their positions for the sake of my flock and my true followers who love me and want all the truth.

Now go to the activities of your day and enjoy your fellowship, but do not try to carry the heavy burdens of the sins of others. I am the sin bearer, because you cannot face the wrath of the evil one against you and the truths that I am unfolding to you because you have open hearts, and never stop seeking to know me and follow the pathway of obedience. You will be richly rewarded for being the Bereans of this time in history, and I will continue to reveal light and truth to you as you go forward. Look up and not down at the baying of the wolves. They are not to be allowed to distract you, but to spur you on to greater heights of understanding and victory over the lies of the evil one. We are in holy wedlock together, and as you look only to me, I will continue to reveal more understanding and precious gems of truth never before seen, but now available to you under the outpouring of the latter rain.

I enjoyed your Sabbath school lesson today because much truth was revealed that gave precious light on the true meaning of the Sabbath. And soon you will be enjoying an eternity of Sabbaths in my kingdom, before the throne of my Father and surrounded by all the heavenly angels and the saved of all ages who will rejoice together with you for the salvation that I have provided. Live in contemplation of this and you will not be distracted by the things of this earth, for heaven will be in your heart. Lovingly, Jesus.

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