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Jesus is Pleased with His People

Dearest Ones,

I love you with an everlasting love, and this morning I want to tell you how pleased I am with your service for me in Florida and also on the home front. The lowly daily duties performed with loving service to your fellow man is just as important as any missionary across the seas, and it is a sweet savor to me when performed with love for me and others. But today I want to express to you that the team of workers in Florida are especially led and blessed by me because you are carrying with you my message to the world that will enable me to go forward quickly to the end. I have been waiting for a people who would know me and hear my voice speaking truth for this time, and now that I have it, nothing can stop me from going forward to the end. Things will happen more rapidly now, as you will soon see. But I do not want you to dwell on time, but upon events and present truth which I will continue to unfold to you day by day. As you use faithfully what I give you, I will give you more. Always remember that my eyes are upon you for good and not for evil, and that you are accomplishing faithfully and well the work that I have assigned you, and great will be the effect upon the righteous ones around the earth who are longing and praying for light in the darkness and error that is spreading even in my own church and among my own professed believers. But this should not dishearten you, for I have prophesied that it would be so. Peace and prosperity multiplies many who seem like true followers, but adversity will blow them away like dry leaves when the storm comes. But my true followers who love and serve me with a true heart will grow even more dedicated to me because they know the storm must precede the deliverance. I am pleased with your spiritual growth into the maturity that will enable you to persevere until the end. You will stand for me like the stars in the night sky that shine even brighter when darkness is upon the earth and gross darkness upon the people who have spurned the true light that I am shining and have chosen their own idols and fanciful interpretations that will not see them through the end when the pains of childbirth are upon every man, woman, and child.

Now go to the activities of your day, but keep holding firmly to my hand, and listening to my voice, and I will guide you safely until I come. Lovingly, Jesus.

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