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Jesus will Protect His People

Dearest Ones,

Today I want to address the subject of the 3 1/2 years of the fifth trumpet which is now ending, and the sixth trumpet which is now beginning. Every trumpet must be heard around the world [Isa. 18:3], for each trumpet is a signal of what has ended and what is about to begin. Trumpets are my voice speaking to the people of the world, no matter what climate or language, race or creed. I am not satisfied to speak only to my people who love me and are listening to my still, small voice [Isa. 30:21]; no - I am the Lord of all the people of the world, and I am responsible for every person on the globe. I will not bring upon anyone the close of human probation until everyone has had an opportunity to hear and know me, for that would prove to those who hate me that I am an unfair, unloving God, and deserve to be hated and despised. This has ever been the accusation of Satan, even in the beginning of his rebellion, and he was so convincing that a third of the angels in heaven came to believe that he was right about me, my character, and my government. Then do you suppose that I am going to end the great controversy in a manner that would support his original lies about me? No, no, I will not bow to the imaginations of the evil one that he can make the people of the world so evil that I will at last abandon them and simply focus upon my chosen ones to the exclusion of those who ignore or hate me. Just as I made full provision for everyone to hear the message of Noah and have time to repent, so the people of the world must have sufficient evidence and time to hear my majestic voice [Isaiah 30:30, NIV] in the tragic events of nature and society, and know that man and evil angels are not in ultimate control of this earth, and that without me there is nothing left but darkness and coming doom. I will speak in the voice of thunder and in the tragedies that happen when my voice of love is rejected. [See 2 SM 315, 316; 5 T 136.] I love everyone, but if my love is not heeded, men choose for themselves to become heaps of refuse along with animals, and harvests that will never be reaped, and vegetation that will be swept away; for I am about to rise from my throne and do my strange act - one that I am loathe to do - of making the earth and its inhabitants groan under the accumulated weight of sin, and bind up the wicked in bundles, ready to be destroyed at my coming.

But you, my beloved ones, I will hide in my pavilion and protect you from the elements and disasters and wicked men possessed by Satan and his angels. This is war, my beloved ones - a cosmic war between my government and the government of Satan, and you are caught in the middle of this battle. But you will be as safe as the disciples were in the little boat on Galilee, because I was with them, and so I will be with you. I would rather stop up the ocean and melt the mountains in my righteous anger against sin than let a hair of your head perish at the hands of the wicked, both evil angels or evil men who follow him and do his bidding.

So take heart, my precious ones, as you see what I am doing in the earth and the society in which you must live for a little while longer. I assure you that there will be wars and rumors of wars, and disasters unheard of until now. But look to me, for I am the Commander in Chief of the armies of heaven, and I will keep you safe through the swelling of the Jordan. Go now to the activities of your day, but rest your heart and soul under the shadow of my wings, and together we will wage war against all the hosts of evil, and soon the battle will be over, and you will be safe forever in my kingdom as my bride and the reward for all my sufferings! Lovingly, Jesus.

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