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Loved with an everlasting Love

Dearest Ones,

I have loved you with an everlasting love. Do you know what this means? It means a love that extends from eternity to eternity. No one who has ever been born was unknown to me, for each person is a part of myself. Just suppose you could create anything that would come to your mind. Would you not be creating something that came from yourself and was an expression of the thoughts and desires of your mind and heart, and thus be an outward expression of your inner self? So it is with each of you. I have conceived you in my mind from the beginning, and you are a part of my desire to have someone just like you to love and enjoy companionship, and fellowship. Just as you love and cherish your children and have a special unique bond with each one of them, so I love and cherish you and your special unique characteristics.

So can you see how painful it is to me when my earthly children reject me and choose death instead of life? I must let everyone choose their destiny, but I grieve over the loss of souls, just as I wept over Jerusalem as I saw the terror and loss of life they would experience when the temple and the city were destroyed. Do you remember the centuries that I labored with the Jewish people and tried in every way to win their allegiance? Of course, I knew what their course would be, but my knowledge does not assuage my grieving over the loss of even one soul. That is why my Father and I rejoice with singing over every soul that is saved. [Zeph. 3:17.] Do you think we feel no emotion over all the things that sin has caused? Because of our infinite capacity, the limit of our emotion is also infinite. I do not expect you to understand this, but I am sharing it with you because I want you to understand that my divine love for each of you is infinite and unshakable. The only way you can destroy this love is for you to reject me permanently.

What loving parent would turn away from their child for any mistake or flaw they may see in that child? And so I do not disown you when you have sinned. You are still my child, and as I have said, my love for you is unlimited. But those who are lost have chosen to disown me and reject my love, and as a result have chosen another lover, another master, another parent. Thus by their own choice they are no longer my child, but the offspring of the devil [John 8:42-44] and have accepted his character and become his children by their own choice, and thus they will receive his fate. As painful as this is to me, they must die with the father they have chosen.

So how is it with you today? Are you tempted to accept the devil's lies that because you have sinned you have cut yourself off from my love? He tells you that because he wants you to join him in the pathway he has chosen for himself and his followers. But you can choose to live in the light of my presence always, and even if you sin, I am eager to forgive you and heal all the wounds that sin has made upon you, and love you freely as we journey on together. You do not have to dwell in the shadows of life when you can live in the light of my eternal, unchanging love for you and my purpose for your life. Sin separates you from me, not me from you. I have already paid the price for your redemption, and nothing can change that. Only your rejection of me can end our relationship, and thus your chance for salvation.

But there is one thing I must tell you. The door of salvation is open as long as I am in the Most Holy Place of the heavenly Sanctuary. But when my work is finished, you will be either sealed in forever or sealed out forever. Just as Noah and his family were safe inside the ark when the door closed, leaving the wicked outside to be destroyed by the raging elements, so it will be when I close my ministry in the heavenly Sanctuary. No amount of pleading or praying or promises to change will be heard or answered then, for the final choice for eternal life or death will have already been made. So come, my beloved ones, and respond to my love for you now in the few remaining days while mercy lingers. There is a special, unique place in my heart for you which no one else can fill. You are bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh [Eph. 5:25-30], and I want you to be there when I make up my kingdom. So walk with me today in the fields of labor, and what we sow together we will reap together throughout eternity. Lovingly, Jesus.

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