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Make haste! For the door of probation is closing

Dearest Ones,

Today is the blessed Sabbath day, and my people around the world are astir, getting ready to meet with me. I will be present with each congregation, no matter how small, through my Spirit and my angels, and sometimes by my personal presence. But what will I find when I come to meet with you? Will I find you aware and welcoming me, or will you be so caught up with the activities of the day and associating with friends, that I am unnoticed? When I was on earth, I walked the dusty trails of Galilee, or attended the gatherings of the people and their feasts and convocations, and most did not recognize that the God of heaven was among them. But I loved them still, just as I love each of you. But if I were allowed to speak in your pulpits today, I would say, "Make haste! For the door of probation is closing, and you know it not. You are going forward with your common lives as though I would never come, though you preach about me and look forward to the day when I will come in all my glory and take you to heaven. When I see you going on with your lives as usual without a thought that everything you consider as normal will soon be swept away, I long to help you to see that only those who are under the shadow of my wings will be safe from the increasing disasters that are about to fall upon this world.

Build no more splendid buildings in honor of me, for they will soon be swept away. Use the facilities that you already have, and the media capabilities that I have provided and preach the good news of my soon coming around the world. Go out into the highways and byways of earth and find the people who are hungry for truth. I will guide them to you and you to them if you are willing. Use every opportunity to gather the honest in heart into my barn, and tell them that the time is at hand. Use my methods of mingling with the people wherever you find them, and you will have a rich harvest of souls, and I will bless your efforts abundantly. Do not dare to hide your talent in the ground as if you have many more years to live in this world, for the time is shorter than you think, for the human mind cannot comprehend an end to this world as you know it now.

But take heart! For as long as you are with me in spirit, I will be with you to protect and guard you and guide you into pathways of safety and peace, for if you have dedicated your life to me, I will guide you safely through the days ahead.

Now go to the activities of the day. But don't forget to keep your minds and hearts open to my Spirit, and be joyful that my angels are worshipping with you, and you cannot fail to receive a large blessing today and every day as we fellowship and walk together to my soon coming kingdom. Lovingly, Jesus.

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