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Much to be Accomplished

Dearest Ones,

As the days hasten on to my coming, there is so much that is yet to be accomplished for my people. At this time the majority of them are asleep on the borders of the kingdom, and most are looking forward to the visible approach of the Sunday law, even though so many signs are already happening around the world. In trumpet tones I am warning of the coming events that will happen with such rapidity that only those who have been preparing will be saved and ready to go through the end with me. My people are satisfied with the amount of light that they already have, and resistant to new light because it would take additional effort to study it out carefully and perform the duties that would be required. They desire to hear smooth things that will assure them that all is well [Rom. 16:18], and that they can continue to live their lives as they have always done, and ignore the warning signs of the coming storm that is about to break upon the world with a fury that the world has never seen.

This is why I am sending you out to the far-flung corners of the globe to spread the message of my soon coming by pen and voice and through the media, or in person as I shall call you to speak for me. Be not afraid of their faces or any opposition [Eze. 2:6-8], for not everyone will hear my voice speaking through you. Some who hear you will be frightened and angry, and in their fear they will perceive your message to be dangerous and a threat to their desire to go on as they are and not be aroused to their danger until it is too late. They will resist and attack you with satanic zeal, and it is actually Satan in his anger who is opposing you to stop the light from shining into the hearts of those he considers his own.

But although the prophets of old were also opposed, and some were even killed, I will sustain and strengthen and protect you from all harm and danger, for it is not my plan or to my glory for my final remnant to be martyred, for these are my representatives throughout eternity of what my grace can do to eradicate sin in the final generation. The faithful of all ages have shown what my truth and my love can do for those who have followed me through every age in history. But there must be a final product who are my representatives and stand firm for my truth when the door of mercy closes and there is no more intercession before my Father through my blood. My final people will have all the light that has been accumulating throughout history, and this they will share in latter rain power as they proclaim the loud cry of the fourth angel of Revelation 18.

But for those of my people who have waited for the Sunday law to awaken them and motivate them to seek me with all their heart, it will be too late, for the motivation will not be from love of me and my truth, but for self-preservation; and because they come to me with this motivation, they will eventually turn to the opposition in the last attempt to preserve their lives. So be awake and alert, my faithful ones, and listen to my voice and seek my face every day for the instruction and guidance that you will need for the day, and you can be assured of a place with me in my kingdom, and a special place on earth where you are to work for me to garner in those who are searching for life and hope in the darkness.

Go now to the activities of your day, but look not upon the trials and pressures and light afflictions of earth [2 Cor. 4:17], but upon your eternal reward, both in heaven and upon earth now as you work for me in my vineyard. There is light ahead, and if you focus upon the light, you will see me, for I am the light [John 8:12] that is shining upon your pathway every day to protect and guide you safely all the way to the kingdom. Lovingly, Jesus.

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