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My Love and Appreciation for Your Faithfulness to Duty

Dearest Ones, I am so pleased with all of you today because you are following me so devotedly and your loving eagerness to follow and obey me is a sweet savor to my heart.

Now for the topic of today. I want to express my love and appreciation for your faithfulness to duty. It is so easy to get caught up in your own duties, which are many and seem so urgent, that the things that pertain to my labors are pushed to the back of the list of things that must be accomplished, and are therefore not put into any priority. Thus, Satan gains a foothold and manages your time, efforts, and money so that you have little left for me and my wishes. I am not scolding any one for this, but just bringing out the necessity of listening constantly to my voice in guiding you through each day, and not leaning to your own understanding. Of course, that necessitates that you learn how to hear my voice on a consistent basis and are willing and even eager to allow me the privilege and honor to be able to guide and help you accomplish everything that needs to be accomplished each day.

When I was upon earth, I made no plans for myself other than my Father's revealed will for me, and together we accomplished everything that was recorded in the Scriptures that was prophesied that I would do. And it was my joy every day to just lean upon the strength and wisdom and love and companionship of my Father every moment of every day. And so it may be with each of you. I have a specific plan for you everyday, and if you allow me to guide you, we will be companions in our labors, and it will make your joy complete and your burdens light.

You cannot worry me, thus I can give you my strength for every task. You cannot frustrate me, thus I can give you my peace. You cannot burden me, so I can carry your burdens for you and make them seem light. You cannot exhaust my wisdom and knowledge and foresight, thus you will be blessed with the wisdom that comes down from heaven to meet every need, every challenge, and every perplexity. Does that sound like a proposal that you would like to accept, and a covenant of love that you would like to enter into? The terms of the covenant are my precepts and my Ten Commandment law, which is not a galling yoke, but an agreement that gives me the right to pour out upon you all the gifts and privileges that heaven has to offer, and allows me to put a hedge of protection around you that all the powers of the evil one cannot break. You will dwell under the shadow of my wings and drink the water of life that flows from the throne of God. You will eat the delicious fruit from the Tree of Life that provides eternal life, and even here, your strength will be renewed day by day, and your joy in my companionship with you and my love will fill your heart and provide everything you need. These are the covenant promises that I bequeath to you as my Bride, my beloved, my chosen ones who are all my delight and treasure.

But it will take all to obtain the gift of eternal life, and especially to receive the privilege of being among the hundred forty-four thousand who live through to the end to see me without passing through the portals of the tomb. Yes, it will take all you have to receive all I have to give to the chosen ones at the end of time. And that is who you are, for you have chosen to persevere beyond the normal requirements of daily living, and reach out for the highest goals that I have to be among the living when I come. Because you are so faithful to me, especially at this vital moment in history, you will receive a robe and a crown and a place beside me on my throne forever, because you have loved and followed me and persevered to find and hold to the truth for this generation, and have not succumbed to following the majority to smoother sayings that do not produce the quality of character and holiness that I require to be among the remnant of my people. Because of this, I'm inviting you to ask me for anything that you need to accomplish the goal of hastening my coming and getting out the light. If it is for your best good and for my glory, you shall have it. Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you.

And now it is time for you to turn to your duties of the day. But never lose sight of the goal to walk with me every moment and lean upon me, for I am eager to supply all your needs and desires as long as they lead to holiness. Be blessed today, and look up! For your redemption draweth nigh! And always remember, dear ones, that I am just a prayer away! Lovingly, Jesus.

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