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Only two options

Dearest Ones,

The light of the sun today is an evidence of the light of my presence, for without me you will dwell in darkness, as most of the people of earth do. That is why they seek for thrills and excitement in carnal ways that do not satisfy the needs of the soul. Without me demons have direct access to the mind and heart, or inner life, of each person who has not given their lives to me for protection through the infilling of my Spirit. In this world there are only two options either a person will be Spirit-filled or the person will have direct access to demons who want to enter the person and control their life.

Demon access does not mean possession, for my Spirit is still present in the earth to work in the heart of every person to whatever degree the person allows. But when a person gives their lives fully over to evil thoughts, the access of demons becomes total. At that point my Spirit must cease to work for their salvation. In some cases, the person sees his desperate lost condition, and cries out to me for help [Luke 8:26-39]. If the person is truly sincere, at that moment, my Spirit enters into battle for the person's soul; and if the person reaches out in faith, angels that excel in strength wrest the person from the clutches of the devil and restores his mind to health. But even then, he must avoid all the ways that brought him into such a condition, and not return to his former fleshly lusts, or the demons will return with greater force and bind up the person in greater slavery than before. [Matt12:43-45.] Oh, that my people would see the danger of toying with sin in any form!

Do you wonder why I am talking about this today? It is because so many of my people are allowing subtle things into their lives that open the door to the temptations of the devil. The media is the major source for most, but also the claims of appetites and passions of various types. For many women, fashion is an idol; and for men, sports and sports' idols, who are men of the world and tear down the finer sensibilities of the spirit which dulls the capability of the mind to hear my voice and appreciate my Word. In all these things the spirits of demons are actively at work to seduce the world and especially my people so that the demarcation between good and evil is blurred.

Oh, that my people would awaken to the signs of my coming and leave the world and its attractions, and seek me with all their hearts so that I might save them! That is why I have given you an Elijah message fit for the needs of my people at this time that if they will heed, it will open their hearts to hear my call and respond to the wooing of my Spirit to come unto the hiding place before it is too late. The danger is that either they will refuse your message of the cleansing that is necessary for revival of the heart, or they will turn from it, and its importance will be lost in the clamor of daily activities.

But there will be those who respond and be among the wheat that is brought into my barn of safety! So be diligent in sharing, for there are many who are hungry for just the light and hope that I have given you, and will eagerly push their way through the crowd to find healing, just as they did for me. Go now to the activities of your day, but set your mind to face each challenge with hope and courage and faith in my protection and care for you, and my presence will be with you to uphold, strengthen, and guide you into the safe haven of my unfailing love! Lovingly, Jesus

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