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Dearest Ones,

You are now leaders in the core group who will go through the end together. It is my will that you have each other to encourage and work together with until I come. No one needs to go through alone, but with encouragement and social groups who have learned to work together well and efficiently. Thus you will be able to be as I and my disciples were, and the women who followed in ministry to us. [Matt. 27:55, 56.] So it will be with you as you go forward to the finish line of history. Therefore, my subject for today is "support."

No one is created to be alone as they go through life, for the makeup of mankind is to be social and to love and support one another. We need each other, even in the heavenly family, for love needs another person to love and be loved by in order to grow and learn and be productive. Just suppose there would be no one else in the universe except the godhead, even though we contain everything within ourselves, and our wisdom is all-knowing and all-powerful! Yet love cannot exist if there is no one else to love, and cannot express itself if there is no one to respond and return that love. So our greatest joy and happiness is in creating beings who can both respond to love and return that love to the giver.

Now that you understand the purpose for created beings, you can join the host of heaven in expressing the love you have been given to everyone around you, even if they choose to hate you and despise you or reject the messages from heaven that they are receiving from you. That is the way it was for me when I came to earth to save mankind. The very creatures that I came to save rejected me and despitefully used me and did away with me in order to continue to believe the lies of my enemy who was leading them on to their eternal death. But I continued to supply life to them even while they were taking mine.

So as you go through the few remaining days that you have on earth, think about how you can show love and support indiscriminately to those around you, in spite of how you may be treated at times. Even the people you love may not always understand your needs, and at times you may not feel supported. But look to me for these things, for I will never fail you! Then your needs will be satisfied by communion with me. They, in turn, will have more to give back to you if you fill their cup with the love, understanding, and support that you have received from me. Thus the cycle of life can go on endlessly, for it comes originally from the Source of all happiness.

Do you remember how I sent the disciples out to labor two by two in the harvest field, and then they would come back to me rejoicing in the success of their labors? So send I you into the field of labor for those around you, beginning with your own family and friends and outward as I shall lead you. You do not know from morning to morning what a day will bring, but I do. If you come to me in the morning I will fill you up for the labors of that day and you will have enough for the multitude and seven baskets left over [Matt. 15:37], for I always supply abundantly for those who work in my harvest field.

Now go to the activities of your day with full confidence in me that your every need will be fulfilled, and that you will have enough to supply the needs of those around you as well! Lovingly, Jesus.

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