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Opening Hearts to the Message of the Cleansing of the Subconscious Mind

Dearest Ones,

I am pleased today with your love for me and your devotion to the cause at hand to finish the work of preparing yourself and others for my soon coming. There is nothing more pleasing and rewarding to me than seeing your joy and eagerness to spend and be spent in the cause of the kingdom of heaven and labor with us in sharing the light that is now shining from the Most Holy Place, for the work must go forward until every soul has been warned.

Now for the topic of the day. I am preparing to open hearts to your message of the cleansing of the subconscious mind and healing of the stored memories, for the devil has damaged everyone in one way or another during their lifetimes. He has made a science of this, and has specifically studied how to capture the minds and emotions of people from the moment of conception, or as early as possible, through tragedies, abuse, neglect, and other unfortunate experiences through parents and others; and whenever fear is produced in a child's mind, Satan has access to interpret the situation with his lies.

Of course, the child has no knowledge of me and my plan of salvation and my character of love until it is brought to them at some point - hopefully as early as possible through the training and personal experience of godly parents. So Satan tries to capture the reasoning, thinking, and feeling centers of the brain as early as possible through fear and abuse of one kind or another, and then he inserts his lies and ways of self-protection, and thus many children are born with almost irreversible traits of character that make it difficult for my Spirit to penetrate into the inner recesses of the soul. So the recovery of damaged people must usually come from the outside through the loving ministry of my people who, although they may have also have been damaged by the lies of the devil, they have experienced recovery and healing through the work of my Spirit, transforming their lives and healing the damage that the evil one has caused.

No one is so damaged that my love cannot heal them. But first the person must come to me, and that process is often introduced by the ministry of a loving person who has also been saved and transformed by my love. This work has been going on for centuries, and especially after I finished my work on earth and ascended to the heavenly Sanctuary to begin my work of intercession there.

But now I have accomplished everything that needs to be done for the human race, with the exception of the cleansing of the records of the sins of my people, and blotting them out, nevermore to be brought to mind. In order to do this, I must have the cooperation of my people. Can you just imagine what the onlooking universe would think if I blotted out the sins of people without a thorough investigation and the cooperation of each person who chooses to participate in the cleansing? It would appear unfair, and that I would be using my superior powers and knowledge to save some and allow others to be lost without giving them a chance to speak for themselves before the tribunal of the judgment in heaven.

Therefore my court is open, and when I begin the final judgment of each person, I will bring into their minds the events of their lives in review. They will then have the opportunity to ask for my cleansing grace and forgiveness for every sin which is on their records; or they can steel their hearts against my Spirit and thus choose to be lost. In any case, the final decisions will be in the hands of the person to choose whether they will be saved or lost, for the price of salvation during the judgment of the living is to keep a constant connection with me, and repent and be cleansed of every sin where they have agreed with the lies of the devil and resisted my Spirit. Then I will freely forgive them and blot out completely the record of their sins from the books of heaven, and also the memories of their sins from their own minds. As they come into perfect agreement with me on every issue, I will give them the record of my own perfect life in place of their imperfections and mistakes, and place my Spirit in them fully in the latter rain, and seal them in their foreheads, indicating that their minds now have been cleansed of every record of sin and the lies of the evil one, and henceforth Satan will have no access to them.

Do you see now why this work must be done during the time when I am opening up the books of heaven and revealing to each person what I see in their lives that must be cleansed? When people have no deep relationship with me, they will not even know that I have come to their names in judgment, so no cleansing can take place. But if you are awake and walking with me day by day, seeking me and confessing known sins, your mind will be open to go into the deeper, final cleansing of your lives which must be done if you desire to live through the end when there is no more intercessor in the Most Holy Place of the Sanctuary.

Now is the time to search your hearts and cooperate with me in the cleansing and blotting out of every sin. Some are believing and teaching that this cannot be fully accomplished until I come in the clouds of heaven. But I want to assure you that it must be done while I am pleading your case before the Father in the heavenly Sanctuary. Not one stain of sin must be left on your records when my work is finished, for no work will be done for you after probationary time closes. Remember that I said in my last message that no one can stand before my Father with imperfect characters. There must be a total cleansing through my intercessory work for you. When I step out of that position, your character will be fixed forever, and your salvation depends upon your cooperation with me in the cleansing time. Remember - when I come in the clouds of heaven, you will see the Father's face in His full glory, for He will be by my side, just as he was when I gave the law on Mount Sinai. And you must have been perfected before that time, for the brightness of our coming will destroy sin and sinners, for the mediatorial work will be already finished before I come.

So hasten into the Sanctuary, for the door is still open for you, and everyone who will come with a sincere and repentant heart will be covered by my righteousness, and receive my seal of approval. Never doubt my love or the love of my Father for you, for we have paid the price for your redemption. You have only to accept the final cleansing work in your heart to be prepared for our coming. But the time left is short, so let nothing and no one stop you, for if you come, you will receive the reward of eternal salvation.

Go now to the activities of your day but keep me close to your heart every moment throughout the day. And if the tempter assails you, dart a prayer to heaven and cling to me, and I will see you safely through. And never forget that I am always just a prayer away. Lovingly, Jesus.

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