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Praying for the Children

Dearest Ones,

I was happy to attend your services today through the Holy Spirit and the angels. I always enjoy being with my beloved ones on earth who are serving me faithfully and thinking upon my love and care and my mercies and leading in their lives throughout the week. As you can see in the world, the time before my coming is short, and the catastrophes are signs to awaken the world that I am withdrawing my Spirit from the earth in preparation for the close of probation. But what concerns me the most is my chosen people. There is a hardness of heart toward the nearness of my coming and the preparation necessary that will ensure their salvation and the salvation of their families. Almost always the next generation is less prepared than the last, and if I should allow probationary time to go on, no one would be left. That is why I must cut short the time, and take this generation home to be with me, because the next generation is so filled with the world and the media that many are barely human, but have become just an extension of the thoughts and ideas that are in the media, which are largely from the devil, who has almost complete control of the hearts and thoughts of men, women, and children. This is why I want you to pray for your children, for they are of this generation, and without your prayers and influence and example, most would be lost to the kingdom of heaven. However, I have been watching over them since their conception, and I have a plan to save them if you will cooperate with me. Therefore my message for you today is: "How to pray for your children."

First, take an inventory of their entire lives. What was going on throughout their lives until now? Pray and confess the discrepancies of your own and others' influence upon them, and the bent toward good or evil that you see in their lives, as well as yours which you have passed on to them, or that they have inherited from you and your forebears to the 3rd and 4th generation. I will bless you as you do this, and reveal things to you that you have not thought of before that need to be confessed. I will hear your prayers and answer you as you obey my instruction, and the leading of my Spirit. The tragedies that are going on around the world are being allowed by me to arouse the people of the world, my church, and your children of the reality of my soon coming. Take advantage of this while there is yet time! Start today and I will bless you as you do, for my presence will be with you and guide you.

Now go to the activities of your day, but keep in mind my instructions and leading, and trust in me that I will answer you as you pray to me, not only today, but every day until probation closes. I will open up the hearts of your children to you, and I will fulfill my promises in Scripture for the salvation of your children. Search for these and use them as I shall lead you to do so, and I will answer you. Remember that your children are my children, too, and I love them even more than you do! So cooperate with me and I will answer you even more than you can ask or think! Lovingly, Jesus.

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