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Probation is Closing

Dearest Ones,

Many of you are wondering where we are in time as it relates to the trumpets. I assure you, the 6th trumpet has now begun, and you will soon see things unheard of until now. But I do not want you to focus upon events that mark the beginning of this, although there have been and will continue to be momentous signs in nature and society that all the world can see. But I want you to look to me for guidance in the events that will happen in the near future as signs of the nearness of my coming, rather than signs of the close of probationary time as you now know it. Yes, probation is closing around the world for nations, peoples, languages, and tongues. If you could see every heart as I can, you would know that the majority of the people of the world have already aligned themselves against me and have chosen another master. I know who has closed the door of their hearts against my Holy Spirit and those who have not. As I have said, the angels are sent forth as reapers [Matthew 13:39] of the harvest of the earth, and they are to bind up the people who are for me, and also those who are against me. I do not close probation for or against people -- every person on earth closes their own probation by the way they respond to, or reject the wooing of my Spirit, and their reception or rejection of the light I send to them. But I am announcing to you, my beloved ones, that the time for the closing of up of probationary time has come, because in general - even in my own church, the vast majority of people have chosen the wiles of the evil one over the wooing of my Spirit, and their god is mammon and the media. People love their sins and their vices. They love to go out to eat or watch a movie more than they love the hour of prayer and Bible study and time spent with me. So by this they have chosen their god and their eternal destiny.

In saying this I do not mean to sound harsh or unfeeling about the choices of those who are lost. I have shed many tears and I still do when people whom I love choose sin over righteousness. But I cannot prolong time any longer, for to do so would only mean allowing more suffering for no purpose, for the hearts of men have grown cold to me, and they love their sins more than they love their soul's salvation. This is what it means to close probation. As I look out on the world now I see the mass of humanity going to their doom. And I see their suffering as a result of their choices. Little children are being abused in horrible ways, and their suffering cries out to me. I will now arise and put a stop to the progress of sin and abuse caused by Satan, who loves to cause suffering, and the cries of the wounded and dying are music to his ears.

The universe has seen enough of what Satan's kingdom produces, and as a result, sin will never rise again. So now I can put in the sickle and reap, for the harvest of the earth is ripe. Given more time, the wicked would only become more wicked, and the righteous would be left in this decadent society to suffer even longer. This I will not permit. Probation is closing because the hearts of the wicked have already set themselves to do evil, and the hearts of those who love and desire to obey me are yearning for release from the prison house of a decadent and dangerous environment. Thus the time left for you now is for giving the last warning messages to the church and to the world of my imminent return. Many will hear my call through you, and will respond and come to the light - but others will reject you and spurn your messages and see you as deluded enthusiasts and fanatics. Thus the whole world will soon be warned and the true sheep gathered into my fold.

I do not want you to worry about these things, for I have them in my hands. As you go forward in faith, you will see the unfolding of all that has been prophesied, including the long-awaited movement for Sunday worship. You are not to focus upon this, but I assure you that it is not far distant. The more you spread the final message of warning to the world, the more quickly the devil will be forced to counteract the success of your work by bringing about oppressive measures to stop the light from shining.

Now go to the activities of your day, but never underestimate the importance of the moments that are passing into eternity. Every day counts as you prepare your hearts, your families, and all those within the sphere of your influence. Yes, the loosening of the winds has begun, but you, my beloved ones, are safe under the shadow of my wings. Lovingly, Jesus.

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