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Purity of Heart

Dearest Ones,

I want to talk to you today about purity of heart. The human mind is so constructed that anything other than purity of thoughts, feelings, and meditations of the heart keep you from connecting with my thoughts and feelings. The natural human heart is not pure, because of the hereditary, cultivated, and environmental influences that are passed on from one generation to another, plus the experiences that begin even in utero which are passed on from the experiences, thoughts, and feelings of the mother. Because of this, as the Scriptures say:

"Even from birth the wicked go astray; from the womb they are wayward and speak lies. Their venom is like the venom of a snake, like that of a cobra that has stopped its ears, that will not heed the tune of the charmer, however skillful the enchanter may be." Ps. 57:3-5.

I send my Spirit out to every child [Rev. 5:6], for I am no respecter of persons, and I try to counteract the work of the devil, for he too, is exercising his power and evil thoughts and feelings on the child through the parents' experiences and thought processes. According to the response of the child, so will be the tenor of their lives.

You may think that a child has no free will to choose against the enemy because of the inherited fallen condition. If that were the case, then no child would have a chance to choose to listen to my Spirit until the age of accountability. But I send out my Spirit to every child even before they know me or have heard of me, because I have every right to battle for the child's will to counteract the work of the enemy. That is why some very godly people come from ungodly parents. When I see a child responding to me, I throw around him or her godly influences from other people who will help to fan the flame of the child's desire to know me and follow the promptings of my Spirit. But when every inclination of the heart is only evil all the time [Gen. 6:5, 8:21, and Jer. 7:23, 24], there is no way for me to penetrate the darkness of the soul, and my Spirit leaves the person to the control of the enemy whom they have chosen. This is what fills up the cup of iniquity for individuals, nations, and generations. When there are no more hearts who are open to my Spirit, probation closes for that individual, nation, or generation.

That is what happened at the time of the flood, and for Sodom and Gomorrah, for the Canaanites, and for the Jewish nation in 34 A.D. And the cup of iniquity is nearly full for this generation, as well. Light has been shining from the second apartment of the Sanctuary since 1844, and the time has now come for the decision to be made for this generation. My Spirit is continuing to seek for hearts that respond to truth, but the numbers are decreasing as iniquity abounds, and truth has fallen in the streets [Isa. 59:14, KJV] as a thing to be trampled upon and resisted.

But there are others who are seeing the signs of my coming and are seeking for light and guidance from me. These you must reach. I will help you and direct you as you go forth at my bidding, for the light that I have given to you must be given to the world so that I can gather the truth seekers into my place of safety. I will help you to do this, using my methods when I was upon earth. I spoke to the common people wherever they were found, whether in private one-on-one conversations, or preaching to groups of people, large and small. I will guide them to you and you to them by my Spirit. And soon the message will spread to the honest in heart all over the world and the curtain will come down on those who refuse to heed the call of my Spirit. It is a momentous and solemn time, but a joyful one as well as we prepare for the close of history, for soon I will return to take my faithful followers home, and the reign of sin will come to a close forever.

In the meantime, look to me for everything you need, for I have provisions to satisfy you fully. Now go to your rest of your day, but keep your heart tuned to my Spirit, and I will guide you safely through the challenges you will meet, and give you success in everything you do, for you are faithful laborers in my vineyard. Lovingly, Jesus.

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