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Rejoice 2018-7-3

Dearest Ones,

I am rejoicing today because of the love and faithfulness of my true followers around the world. As the time draws near for my coming, my true believers who love me and my eternal truth are hearing my call in their hearts, and are responding to the influence of the Holy Spirit, Who is going throughout the earth to gather those whose hearts are true and faithful to me and are open to receive the showers of the latter rain.

As I look upon the world, there is such a contrast between those who love me and those who spurn my love and my gift of righteousness and salvation. It is like the days of Jeremiah, my spokesman in a time of apostasy, and he wept for the fallen condition of his people. He pleased me greatly because he was one with me in the grief that was in my heart because of the obstinacy and rebellion of my chosen nation, and their rejection of my call through Jeremiah. Because they refused to repent and receive my offers of forgiveness and restoration, therefore I let them go to the destiny they had chosen. [See Jer. 15:1-6; 17:1-10.]

So it is with the people of this generation. They claim to be Christians, but they are in name only, and I do not recognize them as my people, because they give me only lip service, but continue to do their vile deeds and break my laws and my precepts every day. They feed on the husks of the media constantly and live by the principles that they see and hear. That is why I am withdrawing my Spirit, and most people do not even recognize the dearth in their lives, but go on hastening toward the day of their destruction. But the darkness of error only makes my true people shine more brightly as stars shine in the dark night sky. This polarization in humanity is a sign of my coming, and that divine patience is coming to an end.

All this has been predicted throughout the Scriptures. This is why everything in the prophetic writings has a specific meaning and a direct fulfillment for those who are living in the final generation. History repeats itself over and over because of the carnal nature of man, who can do no good except as it comes from the regenerative power of the Holy Spirit. So lift up your heads and rejoice, for the culmination of history is at hand; therefore my subject for today is "Rejoice!" Why should I ask you to rejoice in the face of the trials and tribulations of the last days? Why are you not called upon to weep like Jeremiah? My answer to you is this: Jeremiah was weeping for his people in their sins and apostasy and my rejection of them. He was seeing their obstinacy and the long years ahead of their captivity in Babylon.

But now the great controversy between good and evil is coming to an end. While you and I will weep for the defection of so many of my professed followers, yet we can also rejoice, for this is a sign that the time of the redemption of my true remnant draws near. In other words, we must cross the Jordan in order to enter the promised land. But my resting place is in sight, and the glory of the heavenly Canaan is my reward for all your labors and afflictions. So lift up your heads and rejoice, and let not the light afflictions [2 Cor. 4:16-18] that you must go through here obscure the glory that is just ahead for those who complete the journey. In all your trials and sufferings remember that I am right beside you and I am carrying you in my arms, and I will continue to do so until you see me coming in the clouds of heaven.

Now go to the activities of your day, but turn not to the things of earth, but walk by faith in my presence with you, and I will direct your path, for I am now, and always will be until the journey's end, just a prayer away! Lovingly, Jesus.

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