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Safe by looking to Jesus

Dearest Ones,

I have not given a message of any length for some time, but today I want to express my appreciation to all of you who are working so diligently for me and maintaining a positive spirit and keeping in constant communication with me, for this is imperative to the success of the work that is before us. You have no idea how much joy it gives to my Father and me and all the holy angels to be able to go forward for the culmination of the reign of sin. The defection of Lucifer and third of the angels who followed him, and then the fall of Adam and Eve and the whole human race, has been a source untold pain for the universe. But with joy we now enter into the final phase of the plan of salvation, and we want you to experience that joy with us. Yes, there are troubles ahead to go through, but you will never be left alone through it all. Angel guards will be stationed around you to protect and guide you, and your part is to cooperate with them and never do anything on your own without consulting me for guidance and instructions. You do not have to be filled with trepidation lest you should make a mistake, for I have calculated everything that lies before you. But beware of listening to the howling of the wolves who want to take away your faith and confidence in the way I have led and how I will continue to lead you. Satan is baffled by your faith and confidence and connection with me, but it only stirs him up to be more on the offensive against you. But you will be safe as long as you look to me and turn away from anything that would distract you from constant connection with me.

Go now to the activities of your day, but keep uppermost in your mind that I am only a prayer away, and you can seek me and find me whenever you need me, and for any reason. You never have to languish in feelings of fear or doubt, because these emotions cut off the flow of faith that is essential to your well-being and connection with me. Faith is the connecting link between your heart and mine, and keeps you steadfast when the stormy winds blow. So take up your positions today and every day, and advance against the enemy in full confidence and assurance that I am with you until the end. Lovingly, Jesus.

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