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Dearest Ones, I am pleased with your determination to do my will at all times, and your fervency in all you do to serve me. I am also pleased with Karen's work and I am pouring out my Spirit upon her and will continue to do so as she goes forward in my vineyard.

The subject of my message tonight is "Servanthood." I came to earth as a servant of servants, and that means that all who follow me are to see themselves as servants of the Most High God. But it also means that you are elevated in your servanthood to sons and daughters of the King of the universe. As such, you are to remember wherever you are and whatever you do that you are to represent the King of heaven, which is your permanent home. You are just pilgrims here in this earth, and your life has meaning and purpose only as you realize this fact and live as though you had actual access to visit with me on a face-to-face basis. The veil between us is very thin, now, because you are becoming more cleansed and can understand and comprehend heavenly themes so much more quickly and easily. Therefore I can, and am, revealing to you wisdom that has never been understood before, because the veil of your minds between the holy and most holy place is being lifted and you are seeing behind the veil and understanding things that can only be comprehended when the cleansing of the second apartment work is in progress. The reason I am sharing this with you is because I don't want you to be discouraged when you try to share with others who are not in a second apartment relationship with me, and therefore do not have the capacity to understand the deepest levels of salvation.

For example, many who take my name do not understand my nature, which combined humanity with divinity while I was a common man walking among men, yet fully possessing the divine nature that I have had with my Father throughout eternity. This is incomprehensible to anyone who judges my nature by his own. This combination makes my nature unique in the universe, and thus beyond the comprehension of anyone but myself and my Father. But you can understand and share this: I am fully divine and fully human, but my humanity, joined with divinity, knew no sin. I felt the pangs and suffering that sin had brought upon the human race, yet I knew no sin. My human nature was as spotless as the character of my Father, and we joined hands together that I should experience the woe that sin brought upon the human race, but not the defilement. I did this to bring you up to this perfect standard by joining your lives with me and becoming one with me so that you also can know the joy of holiness and be free from every taint of sin. I will help you - I will live out my perfect life in and through you if you will clasp hands with me and allow me to purge you of every defiling thought, feeling, and motive, and give me your whole heart for the transformation that I offer through the blood I shed for each of you on Calvary. I died that you might live, not just your earthly life, but I offer to each one of you eternal life with me and my Father in heaven. Will you accept me, just now, into your heart? Do not be afraid of scoffers who cannot comprehend such a transformation because they are satisfied to live with their sinful impulses and carnal temptations. I cannot accept anything less than full surrender. But what glory awaits you when you give your heart, mind, and yes - your impulses to me and let me give you mine in exchange. Do you see how that makes us one with each other? As such, you become my Bride - bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh, and one with me in mind, heart, and Spirit. I am not sharing this with you as though I had to convince you - I am sharing my deepest heart with you because you are already following me, rejoicing in my presence and my love for you and longing for the consummation of our oneness with each other in the courts of my Father. He is now waiting with eagerness to receive you, as I bring you to Him as the reward of all our sufferings with the human race. But the reward is enough, and soon it will be complete, for the war with Satan is almost over, and the victory will soon be won. With each of you by my side, we will win the victory over the enemy and be safe in the kingdom of my Father. To this end I commit myself and my love to finish the work I have started and bring an end to the great controversy! Lovingly, Jesus.

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