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Sharing the Light

Dearest Ones,

I'm enjoying your daily fellowship with me in your worships, your service, and through sharing the messages and knowing my heart. The cleansing is going forward in righteousness and truth, and as your sins and errors are being cleansed away and blotted out, you are receiving more light and responding much more quickly to the guiding voice of the Holy Spirit. This is why the work can be finished in such a short time, because of the added light I am able to share with you, and the total response of your hearts to follow my leading. This is also why I am rejoicing every day that the work of salvation can be speedily finished in and through my people.

Now for the topic of the day. I want to talk to you about sharing with others the light that you have been given. Light always dispels darkness. Darkness cannot exist where light is present. The latter rain is the fullness of light that finishes the work of the three angels of Revelation 14, and sweeps aside the darkness of error that keeps people in communion with the lies of the enemy. The first angel's message, as preached by those who received the light from the Sanctuary in 1844, restored the light of the gospel about the good news of my everlasting love for mankind. The Protestant churches had fallen into formalism and a doctrine of works much like the Jewish nation when I came to earth the first time. With many preachers, the fear of hell was used to induce the feeling that in order to escape my so-called wrath and condemnation, they must become Christians, attend church, and observe the teachings and rituals that were taught to them. But the good news of the gospel is that I love people and have given my all to save mankind and reestablish a saving relationship with each person who will accept me into their hearts and forsake the love of the world and the doctrines of demons.

The next truth in the first angel's message was that I had passed into my ministry in the second apartment of the heavenly Sanctuary, and that the final judgment of the world and its peoples had begun, first with the dead and then with the living. Contained in that message is a timeline for my coming. Not a timeline in years and dates, but a timeline of the progressive work that I am doing for my people in the second apartment. The timeline is not measured by absolutes, but by the progress of the work that is going forward with my people. But one thing is certain: when I come to the judgment of the living, you can know that this is the generation that will be alive when I return. And now I want to assure you that the judgment of the living is now in progress, and you can preach this without fear of another disappointment. In fact, if you want to be my disciples, you must preach it, because it is present truth.

Now notice what the third part of the first angel's message is. It is the Sabbath. For the believers in 1844, the reestablishment of the Sabbath truth was their message. But for you who are on the borders of the kingdom, the specific emphasis is upon the sealing, for the Sabbath will be the sign of the difference between those who are following me and those who have rejected me and clung to their traditions. But even further than that, the Sabbath will be the outward sign of the inner work of cleansing through the acceptance of my character of love, and the cleansing of heart and mind that my true followers have experienced in walking with me in the judgment, and the blotting out of every sin. Thus they can be sealed, and keeping the Sabbath will be the outward sign of the inner healing of the soul, and coming into perfect harmony with me in every aspect of their minds.

What rejoicing there is in heaven as this work is continuing toward its close! Then will be the time of the greatest display of the 2nd and 3rd angel's messages which will swell into the loud cry of Revelation 18:4:

"Come out of her, my people, so that you will not share in her sins, so that you will not receive any of her plagues."

Can you see now how only a fully cleansed and sealed people, filled with the latter rain, can preach this message? How can anyone preach the message of coming out of sin if they have not fully experienced it themselves? All of those who have known the truth but have put off being sanctified by it will join the ranks of the unbelievers and receive the mark of the beast, because that mark indicates that they have accepted the lies of the evil one in some areas of their lives, which closes the door of their hearts to the Holy Spirit, and opens the door of their minds to the lies and controlling power of the evil one. But I have true believers in the other churches who sincerely love me, and are longing for greater light, for I am bringing them into the judgment process also to prepare them to hear your message and recognize that it is from me, for it is answering questions that they are asking. These will join you and help to swell the ranks of the redeemed who go through to the end.

Soon it will be time for the beginning of the loud cry, for my people are progressing forward in the cleansing toward complete victory in their lives, and the latter rain is being received in direct proportion to the cleansing. When the cleansing is finished, the full measure of the Holy Spirit will be poured out, because there will be no more sin or agreement was Satan's lies in the hearts of my cleansed people to obstruct the full outpouring of my Spirit. Then I will allow the progress of the Sunday law movement to go forward, and the messages of the second and third angels will be preached. When everyone has heard these messages and made their final decisions, probation will close. This will not be a long process, because with the media that is available and the fact that the devil already has taken possession of the majority of people in the world, final decisions will be made quickly.

Now do you see why I revealed to my servant, Ellen White, that the final movements will be rapid ones? I do not need to hold the door of probation open any longer than it takes for everyone to hear the message of the loud cry. People will range quickly under the banner of the leader they have chosen. And all those who love the world and the things of this world will be shaken out, because they have already chosen the leader who promises to give them what they desire.

When I close the door of mercy forever, there will be wailing in the streets and men will throw their money to the owls and bats, for the mask of their deceptions will have been ripped away from them, and they see too late that the master they have chosen has closed upon them forever the door of salvation. But the faces of my chosen ones will shine with the glory from heaven, and the rays of light will stream through the gates of heaven that I have left ajar at my coming. So look up and lift up your heads for your redemption draweth nigh!

Now go to your day's activities, and remember to keep in constant connection with me, and you will walk securely and safely by my side. Listen to my still small voice, and I will bring you joy and safety, and I will meet all your needs, for you are my Bride whom I love and cherish, and I am bestowing upon you the robe of my righteousness day by day, moment by moment, as you let go of your sins and walk in the light of my revealed will for you. Make haste, for the time of the wedding draws near. And soon you will be with me forever in my kingdom of light, love, peace, joy, and happiness. In the meantime heaven begins here, for I am, as always, just a prayer away! Lovingly, Jesus.

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