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The Blotting out of Sin

Dearest ones, I want to talk to you today about the blotting out of sin. This is a process that is taking place right now in the Most Holy Place as the lives of my people come up in review for the final decision in each case. The blotting out is entirely voluntary and must be a conscious process in your mind, not an automatic act that I do without your permission and cooperation. Remember that everything I do must preserve the free will of the person involved, for that is the law of my character and my government. The whole plan of salvation is based upon this premise, as I have explained before. So the blotting out of sin from your lives and from your records must be a cooperative, conscious, voluntary process on your part, and a response from me upon your request and readiness to let go of everything that sin and Satan has caused in your life, and the removal of any sympathy with Satan and agreement with his principles. This necessitates a close, conscious, purposeful connection with me that allows me to speak to you and guide you every moment, and a relationship of love and trust so deep and permanent that you will desire to let go of your negative memories and emotions.

For example, if you have been deeply hurt by someone in your life, the natural response is to protect yourself from further harm and hurt by being angry with them, holding grudges, fears and angers against them, and holding the memory in your heart of what they have done, or what you perceive that they have done to you. Satan is present of course, helping you to do this, because by these memories and fears and negative feelings, he has already gained control of your mind and emotions, and these become permanent within you because you have second-witnessed, or agreed with, what he has told you about the person and the situation. And because you are in agreement with him, it is a bond that cannot be broken unless you respond to my Spirit's call to you and repent and give these things over to me to be cleansed and removed.

But that necessitates such a deep personal relationship with me that your love for me and my love for you drives out the presence and power of the evil one in your soul, and only my thoughts and feelings - my law and my righteousness - remain in your heart. This experience is what is absolutely necessary for the blotting out to take place. No amount of focus upon behavior, or "court" experience with me, will produce the oneness with me that allows me to reveal and remove the roots of sin. Even a "first apartment" relationship which involves the emotions does not eradicate the stored memories of experiences of the past. In other words, a person can love me and serve me on a "court," or behavioral level, because they agree with my principles -- (do not curse or show disrespect for me or worship any other gods, keep the Seventh-Day Sabbath, show respect for your parents, don't hate your brother or harbor thoughts to cause bodily harm to anyone, remain sexually pure, don't take something that belongs to someone else, and so forth) -- without having a deep heart connection and a conscious loving relationship with me every moment. They live by principal rather than a conscious, intimate connection with me. These can be accepted into my kingdom because they are in agreement with my principles, and if they recognize the discrepancies of their hearts and feelings and confess these to me to be forgiven and covered by my righteousness in their behalf, they can be saved.

Then there are those whose whole hearts are involved in a conscious relationship with me on a daily basis, and they go as far as they can to love and serve me, and are grieved by sinful thoughts and behaviors and confess them heartily to me and strive to overcome anything that is in their lives that is out of harmony with my righteous principles. These also are forgiven and covered by my blood. But neither of these two categories reflect the finished product of my grace, because the sin problem still remains in the deepest levels of the heart and mind, below the conscious level, where the roots of sin begin. These must be removed by the blood of sprinkling from the memories of the experiences of childhood and from the generational roots of sin passed down, or else sin would never be eradicated and there could be no finishing of the sin problem in the human race. That is why you must go beyond what the people before you have experienced, for now we are in the judgement process where everything is brought up and cleansed away from the mind and heart that is in disagreement with my righteous principles.

This is perfectly prophesied in Ecclesiastes 12:13, 14 --"Fear God and keep his Commandments for this is the whole duty of man. For God will bring every deed into judgment, including every hidden thing, whether it is good or evil." This is why there must be a final generation who will go all the way with me and allow me to cleanse everything that has been passed on to them, plus their own individual sins, so that I can bring the great controversy between good and evil to a close.

Those who are not going forward right now in the full cleansing experience, but are living up to the light they have, will in mercy be laid away as their forefathers have been, for they cannot live through the time of trouble without full cleansing when there is no longer a mediator to cover their shortfalls and discrepancies. But a far greater number of professing Christians will be lost, for I am now allowing their faults to come to the surface and be displayed in their lives so that they can see clearly the outcome of their cherished, harbored sins, and hopefully to change before it is too late. In other words, people will either make haste to come to me for help and cleansing because they see before their eyes the heinousness of their sins, or they will choose to resist the conviction of my Spirit, harden their hearts, and plunge on and know not that they are closing their own probation.

That is why you can help me at this time to raise the awareness of people who do not know what you know, to bring light and conviction and warning of what is happening. That is why you cannot be silent about these things, or you will have their blood on your hands because you did not speak out in warning. It might be difficult to be so open when you know that the vast majority in the world will be against you. But pay no attention to those who refuse to heed the light and the warnings, for there are those who are honest in heart who will hear you with joy, and join the ranks who will go forward to experience cleansing and salvation. It is time for present truth to be presented clearly to the people. If you refuse to speak, the very rocks will cry out, and children will be inspired to take the message.

But I know you will not refuse my call for service now, because you are already my leaders, and I am pleased with each one of you who are taking the message onward to its conclusion. Our best hours are just ahead of us, and we will do it together, for I will be with you every moment to help, inspire, and encourage you as you go forward.

Now go to your tasks for today but keep open to the slightest whisper of my voice inspiring and directing you, and you cannot fail to complete the task that I have assigned you. Lean upon me and stay connected with me, and your burdens will be light and your salvation sure. And never forget that I'm always beside you to help and strengthen you and solve every problem that you encounter each day. Ask me and I will give you wisdom and strength and deliverance from the enemy, for I am, and always will be, just a prayer away. Lovingly, Jesus.

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