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The Covering

Dearest ones, my subject today is "The Covering." As you know, there are covering cherubs in the most holy place over the ark. These mighty angels protect what is inside the ark, which is my law. But why would there need to be angels covering my law before sin entered? It is because I created beings who have free wills and could choose to question my laws and break them if they chose to disagree with me. Therefore, the covering cherubs were to be so close to me and my Father, and know us so well, that if any question should ever arise concerning us and our character, the angels that were created and chosen to be in this high position of leadership and authority, could explain to others what our true character and motives were in having standards and laws for our created beings, although all were perfect at their creation. The covering angels could explain that my law was protective of anything ever coming into my kingdom that would lead to anarchy and ruin, for all created beings have a free will, therefore they could choose to disagree with my law and the principles by which I run the universe, and foment rebellion against me and try to take over my authority and my throne. The covering angels were to explain to anyone who questioned, why my laws were for the good of everyone to preserve unity and harmony and safety and love and freedom within the safety of the boundaries of behavior and thinking that I had established which would ever preserve the greatest happiness and freedom.

Of course, you know what happened when Lucifer, the highest of my created beings and the leader of the angels, rebelled against me and fomented rebellion among the other angels. It is still a mystery and will always be how his mind and thinking could become so twisted that he would bring about such chaos and destruction. But that is the risk I had to take to preserve free will for all my created beings. The experiment into sin has been long, excruciatingly painful, and disastrous for so many, and even for me because of my eternal sacrifice that was needed to end the sin problem while continuing to preserve free will.

But I rejoice that my Father and I had already planned for such a situation, and we knew that peace and harmony would eventually be restored through the plan of salvation. So my creation was fully covered by this plan, which accomplished the desired end. So you see, the covering was meant to be established and preserved through understanding my character and the perfection of my laws for the greatest good of all my created beings. But because Lucifer doubted me and left his position to challenge me about my character and my laws, his rebellion has eventually caused the very outcome that he refused to do, which was to fully reveal my character and the righteousness of my laws. And now rebellion will never rise again because all questions have been fully answered and the display of the purpose and perfection of my laws for the good of everyone has answered every question. It is now fully seen that the purpose of my laws are to preserve love and harmony, and protect everyone from the danger of rebellion against my law, which is the heart and soul of my character and my government. This perfect divine law must also be in the heart and soul of each member of my kingdom, and thus sin shall not rise a second time. So the complete understanding of the purpose for my law is that it is a covering to prevent sin from ever rising again.

Now I want to talk to you about the necessity of having this covering in your own life. You, too, have been created with a free will. And when I designed your inner being and your special blueprint, it was as perfect as my blueprint for Adam and Eve when I created them. I also planted within you a desire for me and a covering of purity which, if you preserved it, would be a hedge of protection to keep you from self-destructing. Without this, there would have been no hope for you to choose me and be saved from the effects of sin and from the presence and power of the devil who claims every person that is born into this world, because the seeds of sin are present in every child since Adam and Eve fell, and these are passed on to their progeny. Since the choice is now up to each individual, I try to throw around each person an atmosphere of grace to call them to choose me and not Satan. That atmosphere is a covering of grace which I have extended during probationary time. But now I am withdrawing that atmosphere because nearly all have chosen against me and have made the choice to follow Satan. Therefore, I am accepting their choice to spurn my love and the opportunity to be transformed that I have provided by my sacrifice on Calvary for each person.

For those who choose me, the door is still open for full recovery and salvation. But the requirements are the same as they have been from the beginning. You must know me and my truth and the perfection of my laws, and agree with them in all areas and aspects, because they are the laws of happiness, peace, joy, love, safety and eternal life in heaven with me. But as the Bible says, all have sinned and come short of the glory, or character, of God. To the extent that you have sinned against me and my laws, to that extent there must be a cleansing of your mind and heart in order for you to have my protection through the time of trouble that is just ahead of us. Every sin is a breach in the covering that I provide. Until now, I have had the automatic covering of grace that I have provided for everyone who has accepted me as their personal Savior. But now I am removing that automatic covering, to show who are my chosen ones and who are not. Make haste to avail yourself of this privilege while the door of probation remains open, for soon it will close forever upon those who have spurned my invitation of love and mercy which is available for everyone. You will know when this transaction has taken place, for you will sense the complete peace of my covering of grace in every area of your mind, heart, and soul, and you will be able to hear the still small voice of my Holy Spirit constantly with you and helping you to go through anything that the devil may invent to harass you and try to get you off track. But it will be impossible for him to seduce you, for you will be a finished product of my grace and my intercession to restore you into my full image, and you will be impervious to the attempts of the devil to take you down.

So take heart! The days grow short, and my work is almost done. I am now drawing a covering over everyone who loves me supremely above every earthly attraction and every device of the devil, and whose mind has been cleansed of everything that the devil has done in their lives. Oh, that everyone would avail themselves of this privilege while probationary time still lasts! But I am encouraged and rejoicing that I have a small remnant who are moving forward at my last call to get into the ark of safety before it is too late. My true people are moving into line and being cleansed of all sin, no matter what the cost to themselves. In return, I am covering and sealing each of you for eternity, nevermore to be the sport of the enemy. So continue to look to me. I will never leave you nor forsake you - ever - even for one moment. You must believe and accept this truth about me or you will never have the strength to recover from the damage the devil has done to you. He has taken away from you the covering that I have provided for you and you must have faith in me and my love for you and reject the lies that the enemy has told you about me and about yourself as being hopeless and rejected. I will restore your covering that Satan has taken from you the moment that you believe in my eternal love and care for you. Will you accept this now and be healed? I will not force you, but I will free your will to choose if you will look to me and believe in me with your whole heart like a little baby in its mother's arms. Come to me all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest! Trust in me and I will replace your tears and sorrow and fears with my peace, which is the constant assurance of my love.

Now go to the activities of your day, but keep me in your heart at all times, and I will give you peace and rest and eternal assurance, for my law of love will be enshrined in your heart, and my wings of love will cover and protect you forever! Lovingly, Jesus.

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