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The Door of Salvation is Closing

Dearest Ones,

Yesterday was an important milestone in the progress of your work for me that is to take the last warning message around the world. People must know that the door of salvation is closing, and that I am about to step down from my throne and punish the world and its inhabitants for their iniquity. It would not be possible for me to do this were it not for my remnant people who are allowing me to cleanse them of all sin and prepare their hearts to live in holiness before me, both here and also in heaven where they will shine like stars in the universe. All must see that my love and my sacrifice for sin is efficacious and powerful enough to win the hearts of my people to the point where they would rather die than sin -- rather die than deviate from one point in my Decalogue. My law is not a galling yoke of slavery as many believe it to be! My law means freedom from the very things that produce death, misery, and slavery to Satan, who is a despot who cares nothing for anyone but himself, and delights only in ruling the earth and its inhabitants with an iron fist and causing death, disease, and destruction. This is why I came to serve and save mankind. I knew that there would be some who would love and serve me and desire to be free from the control of the evil one.

And so now the time has come to finish the work of redemption and carry out the plan which my Father and I set in motion so long ago to rid the universe of rebellion and sin. Our plan is not built upon coercion, but of a display of what love does in contrast to the dominion of Satan. This plan is now nearly complete. All that remains is the final work of cleansing and sealing my beloved ones who understand and cooperate with me fully in this final phase of my ministry in the heavenly sanctuary. This cannot be accomplished without your cooperation, but this I now have. Do you see how vitally important you are in the finished work of my redeeming love? Do you see why I will be able to bring sin to a conclusion because you are in full harmony and partnership with me in every aspect? Angels marvel at your submission to, and love for, me -- not because they are unaware of the necessity of this in order to bring an end to sin, but because you are doing this with the full weight of the conclusion of sin in your genes and inheritance. But this is an absolute necessity to the finishing of sin, for no further demonstration is now needed or even possible to show both the results of sin and also the healing of sin and its expulsion from the universe forever. This is why the inhabitants of heaven are rejoicing that my bride is making herself ready to wear the spotless robe of my righteousness in demonstration of the power of my love and saving grace.

Now go to the activities of your day, but rejoice and be glad, for your redemption draweth nigh! Lovingly, Jesus.

Additional thoughts: Ps. 147:11 - "The Lord delights in those who fear Him, who put their hope in His unfailing love."

KH 276 - "In proportion as you surrender yourselves to the working of the Holy Spirit you are supplied with heavenly grace. You are molded and fashioned a vessel unto honor, and become a channel through which God makes manifest His grace to the world."

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