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The Etiology of Love and Freedom from Fear

Dearest ones, on this Sabbath day, the blessed of all days of the week, I want to talk about the topic of freedom from fear. Fear is a natural result of living in a world of sin, but it goes back to the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve sinned and immediately felt terror and fear because they had disobeyed me. People live with fear all the time whether they are aware of it or not. Fear causes all the evil which is displayed in this sinful world, because fear is the natural result of being disconnected from me. Man was made to be in constant connection with me at all times. When this is the case, fear cannot exist because I am love and there is no fear in love. Love brings with it all the positive aspects of a healthy mind and a healthy relationship with others. Love and fear cannot exist together, for love casts out fear.

Let's examine more closely the etiology of love. When you feel loved, you feel safe, valued, valuable in the eyes and heart of the lover, and then all your gifts and personality characteristics are pleasing and important to the lover. But when you do not feel loved, you feel insecure, devalued, unimportant, and fearful, for you do not know at what moment you may be cast out, attacked and criticized, or abandoned and exchanged for another. When children grow up in an insecure home environment they do not learn about love, because there is no security, and parental discipline is capricious and based upon behavior, or the mood of the parent at the moment. Such children grow up with constant fear and insecurity, and place a high value on behavior, both for themselves and for others around them. Thus relationships are fear-based and performance-based, and the tender plant of love is not allowed to sprout and grow. The world is full of such people, and most of them are no longer reachable by my Spirit because their minds have become so seared that there is no entryway to listen to my calls to them. If there is any hope for people like this it is through the loving ministry of my servants who show them love in action. But even that is becoming more difficult because people's minds have become so seared by the current dependence on the media that no natural thoughts and feelings are allowed to grow whereby I may reach them. Rather, this is the time when I am sending out my angels to reap the harvest of the earth and bind the wicked into bundles to be burned. But there is still a harvest to be gathered of people who are sensitive to my Spirit and who love me and respond to my love and these are the ones I want you to reach. First, drink deeply of my love yourself, and be sure that your connection with me is strong and secure. Then bring the message of my love to people who are reaching out for it and are susceptible to the wooing of my Spirit through you.

Now I have a word of caution concerning people that you meet or are in your lives who are unacquainted with love from childhood, and either spurn it completely, or believe that it is obtained by works. Those who are in this condition are rarely able to understand and accept true love, for their minds have been molded under the lash and the whip, under the capricious demanding will of parents or a parent, and under fear of retribution and punishment. When this is the case their only feeling of safety comes from behavior and earning salvation.

Do not worry overmuch about this, because I am their judge and I know their heart and their capacity for knowing me and I will judge them fairly considering their background. But you do what you can to be kind and a model of love yourself, and then just leave their destiny up to me, for I know their hearts. But I appreciate everything that each of you are doing to represent me and my truth, and learn my ways and my character so that you can bring the light to others. I will use you to further my gospel of love until every soul has had a chance to make their final decision, and then I will close probationary time and do what I must do to finish transgression and make an end of sin and sinners. Stay closely by my side and we will go through the end together, for I will never leave you nor forsake you, for you are my beloved ones in whom is all my delight.

Go now to your Sabbath day with rejoicing, for I am and will continue to be with you until I come. You are never alone, and never will be, for my presence will go with you until I come to take you home. Never fear, never be dismayed, but look to me and trust in me until the journey ends in the glory of my coming. Don't you long for that day? I do too, for then I will have my beloved ones with me where there is no more fear, no more distress, no more anxiety or anxious hearts. The great experiment into sin will be over, and all will be rolled back onto Satan, the instigator of it all, never more to plague or frighten my people or disturb the peace of my beloved ones and my universe where all is peace and love and joy. Until that day, look to me and trust in me and enjoy the bounties of my love for you. Have a blessed Sabbath, for it is a foretaste of heaven. Lovingly, Jesus.

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