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The Future is in My hands

Dearest Ones,

I know you are becoming aware of the change of pace in your lives, and as you can surmise, there is a reason for this. It is because I am letting the winds go, and the world is about to reap the whirlwind. [Hos. 8:7.] Day after day people are making their final choices for eternity. I am not pleased with the way so many are turning against my chosen ones who are speaking out about the nearness of my coming, which shows the true condition of their hearts. I have faithful watchmen who are at their post of duty, warning of the nearness of the close of probation, but few really want to hear this, for their hearts are wedded to the world. [Jer. 6:17.] They are satisfied with what they already have, and cannot imagine the smooth waters of their lives being disrupted by the events that portend the close of earth's history.

But this is already in process, and most will put off their preparation until it is too late and they will be caught in the undertow that will come and carry them all away. Woe be to the false shepherds then who will realize too late that they have put off the day of preparation for themselves and for those who have followed them, for the time of trouble will come upon the earth like a lion leaping suddenly upon its prey. And you, my beloved ones, will be hiding under the shadow of my wings until the storm is past and the wrath of God is poured out upon the despisers of my grace. You need not worry about these things, for it will come soon enough, and then the inhabitants of earth will see what I have been doing in holding back the fierce passions of the world.

But I want to turn from this scene and focus upon the things that have to be accomplished before that time. First, the gospel of my righteousness must be preached to all the world as the last invitation to those who want to hear it and those who do not, because it is the dividing line between the saved and the lost. Those who know me and love me will rejoice that their redemption draws near. The gospel that I am speaking about is not the tame kind of preaching that allows people to think that they can continue sinning until I come. This is mainly what is being taught in every church in the land, because very few are putting forth the effort to seek me and understand what I think about these things. They go on teaching the people the lies and smooth things that the people want to hear, which allows them to continue to sleep on the borders of the promised land.

But my true sheep know the voice of the Shepherd, and they know that these false teachers are prophesying things that do not come from me, and they are seeking for the truth and finding it, because I am sending it through my faithful ones who aren't afraid of opposition, but draw warmth from the coldness of others, and strength for the battle by spending time with me each day. Let this be your experience, for I have choice morsels of truth to share with you that will delight your heart and mind if you will seek me with a true heart of love and devotion to find the answers to every question that comes into your mind. I love to answer these things for you which will delight your soul and lead you into green pastures of lush grass and abundant waters which will quench your thirst for the truths that satisfy your soul.

Now go to the activities of your day, but never fear for the future, because the future will take care of itself, for it is in my hands. Lean today and every day upon what I have for you each morning in worship and each day of service in the harvest field, for the reaping will be abundant, and before you can imagine, the harvest will be finished and your work on earth will be done. Lift up your heads and rejoice for your redemption draweth nigh! Lovingly Jesus.

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