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The Garden of Eden Restored

Dearest Ones,

This morning is the Sabbath. Do you know what this means to me? Every Sabbath I remember how I created the world and placed Adam and Eve in their beautiful garden home with its fragrant flowers, and trees laden with fruit, and beautiful to behold. There were the placid and friendly animals that I had placed there for their enjoyment and companionship. And there was the wily serpent shimmering in the sunlight that Satan beguiled to capture Eve's attention and loose her from her loyalty to me by using flattery and the promise of an advancement in stature and position. I remember it all as if it were yesterday. I grieved over my children, for I saw the long road of destruction and death that would result because of their sin and defection from obedience to the laws of my kingdom.

And now I see my people who profess to know and love and serve me clinging to their sins as though they had no Savior and no balm to heal the wounds that sin has made. Is not my sacrifice adequate to pay the price for their salvation and rescue them from the pit of hell into which the human race has plunged? I love everyone and I hold out my hands to them, but they heed not my love and my sacrifice, and instead continue to eat at the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and spurn my invitation of love and mercy, and the door to reconciliation and perfection of character. Instead they flock to the places of mirth and gaiety, whether it be outside the home, or inside the living room. They seek what I alone can provide -- peace, love, and freedom from the stress and fear that the pleasures of satanic agencies will cause if allowed in their lives.

But my sorrow for the love of my beautiful world and its inhabitants is about to end, for I have a small group of people around the world with true hearts of love for me who would rather die than sin; and I am writing to you because you are a part of that number. You are seeking with all your hearts to know me and my requirements for righteousness and holiness of character, and to represent me and my truth rightly before the world, and, yes -- the universe. And you shall have your reward. You will walk with me both now and for eternity to display the full outworking of my sacrifice, and reveal that it was not in vain that I suffered and died to pay the price for sin. But I did not pay this infinite price to permit eternal sinners to enter heaven, but to rid the universe once and for all of beings who love their pet sins more than righteousness and holiness of character, thoughts and feelings, purposes and desires, and internal, as well as outward, piety. Only those who desire purity and holiness of character will be one with me and live and reign with me throughout eternity.

Now go to the activities of your day, but walk with me today and every day just as you would if you were in heaven with me already. Even though you cannot as yet see me, remember that I am seeing you and walking unseen beside you, and you are the delight of my heart because you are ever seeking further light and greater holiness and oneness with me. I will reward your hunger for eternal life, and you will be ever learning new facets of truth because you desire it and seek it from me. Thus the joy that we have between us will shine out to others until the glory of the true gospel of righteousness will enlighten every honest soul who is seeking for truth; and then the end will come. This will happen more quickly than you can imagine, for I already know who the true seekers are, and I will open the doors for their enlightenment. Then in the kingdom of heaven you will receive your reward for being the people who responded to my last call for holiness, and allowed me to use you to finish the work on earth that will bring in everlasting righteousness, and you will shine for eternity in the kingdom of heaven. Lovingly, Jesus.

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