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The Latter Rain

Dearest Ones,

I have an important message for you tonight - one that will speed my work forward as you share it with others. Yes, the latter rain has begun, and this message will quickly go around the world as the light begins to shine more brightly about the judgment of the living and the cleansing. This is what I have been waiting for my people to receive, understand, and cooperate with me, since this message was spurned and rejected by my people, especially the leading brethren, in 1888. This was a great disappointment to me and all of heaven, for this precious message of my righteousness which I was prepared to give through the indwelling of my Spirit, was considered fanaticism and false doctrine, and cut across the leaders' concept of a works oriented religion of right doing and scrupulous behavior as the full display of righteousness. This, in fact, is Phariseeism, but it is loved and cherished by those who desire to be saved by their works.

But I now have a message of righteousness through intimate and constant companionship with me, receiving of my Spirit and being cleansed by my blood, that will stand the time of testing that is just ahead of you. No one can stand through that time unless they are completely cleansed of all self-righteousness and sinful thoughts, feelings, and motives, and are in full harmony with me in every area of their lives. This state of being cannot be accomplished by works, although it produces works of righteousness. No, it must be received as a gift that comes from such a close walk and intimacy with me that I can cleanse out any sympathy with Satan and replace it with my thoughts and feelings about everything you go through every moment of your life. Then true righteousness becomes like breathing, for every breath you take will be a prayer that rises like incense to the throne of my Father, and opens your heart to the latter rain which comes down upon you from His throne. Your heart will beat as one with ours, and thus you will be filled with the righteousness that knows no sinful characteristics, thoughts, or feelings. This is my gift of love to those of you who are now responding to the Spirit's last call to the inhabitants of earth. Now will be fulfilled all the prophecies of Scripture that predict a final generation who will fully reveal my character to the universe and to the world.

Now go to your rest, but keep uppermost in your mind that you have reached the moment in time when all the blessings that I have promised to my faithful people can be poured out upon you, for you are the generation that has accepted the full light of the gospel in its final stages of cleansing and restoration. Every day, and yes, - even every moment - hold up your cup to be filled by the latter rain, and I will not disappoint you. You are my ambassadors to a dying world, and although this time will not be long, it will be filled with all the power you need to finish the work. I will give you strength; I will give you directions; I will give you funds; and I will give you power from above to accomplish the work. I will open doors ahead of you wherever you go, and your enemies will not be able to stop you from fulfilling the last great outpouring of light and power that will attend the work. Thus the harvest of the earth will be reaped, and my work in the second apartment will come to an end. Let the fire fall! For the time is at hand! Lovingly, Jesus.

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