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The Oil of the Holy Spirit

Dearest Ones,

I want to talk to you today about the oil of the Holy Spirit. [Zech. 4:11-14; Ex. 30:22-25; Lev. 24:2.] There is a dangerous heresy that is gaining ground right now among Adventists, which purports to be a reaction against the doctrine of the trinity as is taught by the Catholic church, but is actually a satanic doctrine against the Holy Spirit. This is well calculated to spring into being at the very time when I am pouring out my Spirit upon my people and beginning the sealing process which is an act of the Holy Spirit. You see, the Spirit of God is the means by which I dwell in the hearts of men and women and live out my righteous character in them. [Rom. 8:1-17.] It is by the Spirit that I create and sustain life. [Gen. 1:1.] My power is exercised through the Spirit. [Rev. 5:6.] It is through the agency of the Spirit that I speak in the still, small voice [Isa. 30:21] that you know so well when I am not physically present. It is the Spirit that speaks through the prophets [Eph. 3:5; 2 Pet. 1:21] and inspires them to speak my words and write down the utterances of the Spirit for their generation and also for future generations.

When you read the Word of God, it is the Spirit who interprets it for you and applies it to your heart, and brings new light and insights from heaven. It is the Spirit who seals your mind into the character of God. [2 Cor. 1:21, 22; Eph. 1:13] during the time of the latter rain, and it is the Spirit who prays with your spirit and in your behalf with groans that cannot be uttered before the throne of God. [Rom. 8:26, 27.] The Spirit loves you and has an intimate involvement with you and interacts with your spirit as the Teacher [Lu. 12:12; John 14:26] and Comforter [John 14:16, 17, 26] who brings my teachings to your mind and applies them to you as you go through the challenges of each day. Without the Spirit of God, you have no power to protect yourself from the enemy of your souls, the devil.

You see, the devil is a spirit being and he can enter your mind and body and control you against your will if the Spirit of God is not dwelling within you. So when people say there is no Holy Spirit, they are opening themselves up to the indwelling of demons. [Matt. 12:25-28.] Satan is too wise to completely take over the lives of those who are teaching this dangerous doctrine, lest they would see the peril of their ways and repent. But the day will come when people who reject the doctrine of the Holy Spirit as it is revealed in the Scriptures, and the influence and work of the Holy Spirit in their lives, will be left to experience the results of resisting the work of the Holy Spirit and become fully possessed by the spirits of devils.

Remember the warning I gave while on earth that if a person who is cleansed of evil spirits leaves their soul temple empty of the presence of the Holy Spirit, the demons will return and bring others with it and the person will be in a worse condition than they were before! [Matt. 12:43-45.] So please take my warning seriously and have nothing to do with the doctrine of "no Holy Spirit," for it is a vicious doctrine of the devil to prepare the hearts of those who receive this to be permanently lost and be prepared to miss the sealing and the latter rain and take the mark of the beast. [Rev. 19:20.]

Go now to your labors, but keep your heart clean and uplifted and open for the slightest whisper of my Spirit speaking to you and wooing you to become a finished product of grace. Thus you will be fitted to live in the presence of God around the throne forever as an emblem of what my grace can do to restore fallen human beings back into the perfection of character that Adam had before he fell. Lovingly, Jesus.

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