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The Power of Choice

Dearest Ones,

You are all following carefully the blueprint plans that I have for you each day so that nothing is left undone that should be accomplished. Therefore, my plan for the finishing of the work on earth in this generation is on schedule. The main thing to remember is that I want to lead you in the same way that I was led by my Father while I was upon earth. This kind of relationship between us must be voluntary on your part, for I will never push myself upon your mind to control it against your will, although I could do so, for I am your Creator, and I know every thought of your mind. But control is not a part of my nature when dealing with beings to whom I have given the power of choice. You were given this power at creation, for you were created in the image of God with the power and freedom to think and to do. So I will never take this away from anyone.

On the contrary, Satan uses force to control his subjects if they will surrender to him. As long as probationary time lasts, I am keeping open the power of free will choice. And even after probation is closed, I have given free will choice to everyone so that there will be no one who has not chosen freely for me or for my enemy. That is why probation continues to be open at this time, for not everyone has had an opportunity to make a final decision for or against the truth or error. But I can speed up this process by bringing truth out into the open so clearly that every person will be faced with the decision to accept or reject the light that is shining upon them. This is what happened when I came to earth the first time. My life was a constant rebuke to the Pharisees and teachers of the law, for the light of truth was shining so brightly that they had to kill me to put out the light so they could go on sinning with impunity. In so doing, they hardened their conscience beyond repair, and thus closed their own probations individually and collectively as a nation.

So it will be at the close of earth's history. This time it will be the lives and witness of my perfected people who will give out all the light that will be shining upon them from the latter rain. Thus the whole world will be brought to a final decision to either accept or reject the light that will be shining from the Most Holy Place of the heavenly Sanctuary through my people. This demonstration of their perfected lives and witness is the completed work of the gospel which will be displayed before the world, and then the end will come, because there is no more light, no more truth to give the people of earth, and also the unfallen worlds, the faithful angels, and the demons themselves who have said it couldn't be done.

So you see, I must have the second witness of the recreative power of truth, and the demonstration of what the power of the gospel can do to restore harmony and agreement in the universe. For me to finish the work of redemption, I must have a people who have been restored to the original perfection of Adam and Eve before their fall, with their sweet innocence and love for each other and for me as their Creator and Friend. So it shall be again, and you will take the place of the angels who fell, just as Adam and Eve were supposed to do. [Signs of the Times, 5-29-01.] And once again peace and love will reign in the universe. Lovingly, Jesus.

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