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The Purpose of the Creation of Mankind

Dearest Ones,

I am with you today in thought and spirit, because there is so much to do and so little time to do it. But I will have my army of faithful followers with me, and together we will accomplish the task.

Now for the topic of today. I want to direct your minds upward toward heavenly things that even the angels desire to look into. The subject for this morning is the purpose of the creation of mankind. It is recorded in Scripture that man was made in the image and likeness of God [Gen. 1:26]. After the fall of Lucifer and the angels who followed him, there was a deficit in the heavenly family. So man was made to take the place of the angels who fell [7 BC 949]. They were to be the display of the reproduction of the gifts and talents of Lucifer and his angels, so that their blueprints were not lost, and the positions they held would once again fill up the family in heaven.

This is one of the reasons that Satan is so angry with the final remnant, because he has been trying for centuries to obstruct my plan to replace him with the faithful of the human race. My Father and I delight in all the beings we have made, and even the lower creatures, for we have given them the ability to love and respond to the love of man, and even each other. But only the mind of man is fully capable of reproducing our character, and understanding the mind, purposes, wisdom and knowledge of the infinite God. This capacity we have bequeathed to the human race so that we can have the pleasure of fellowshipping and communicating together throughout the ceaseless ages of eternity [Isa. 43:7].

Of course, there is an infinity beyond that is only shared between my Father and I, because only He and I share and can comprehend divinity. It is this divine wisdom and unity that Lucifer aspired to penetrate. He felt that he could not be happy unless he could share in all the private councils between my Father and me, and was jealous that only I could share the privilege of oneness of mind and heart with my Father. He could not comprehend the difference between divine beings and created beings. He began to imagine that if he were allowed to join in our councils, that he, too, could have the wisdom, knowledge, and power of divinity to create as we do. This thought began to possess him until he attacked our throne to try to take it by force. And so the great controversy as we have seen it for 6000 years began. Now it is time to end it and restore the peace and happiness and tranquility that existed before Lucifer started this experiment into sin. Now I am ready to move forward with my faithful followers who understand the great controversy and the plan of salvation, and are ready to go forward with me to finish the work.

Now I want to go back to the subject of man's exalted position of being created to comprehend and appreciate the deep things of God. Being in our image and likeness means to have minds that can learn and comprehend all the intricate and deep things that I want to share with you, and continue to grow in that capacity throughout eternity. And secondarily it means that you can understand and appreciate my heart - my love for you and my emotions about everything that I have made and that we do together. That is the fulfillment of the companionship that I have created you for, and this is the joy that we will experience together throughout eternity.

Yes, sin has terribly blighted man's intelligence and reasoning powers, but by interaction with me, this can be fully restored both here and throughout eternity. So walk with me today and every day, and let me teach you things that heretofore you have not even imagined, or have come into your mind. In that way heaven will begin here and continue to expand throughout eternity. Then you will be the fulfillment of my dream and vision of creating man for my glory, and at last my love will be requited, and the purpose for the human race will be fulfilled.

Go now to the responsibilities of your day, but listen for my still small voice teaching and guiding you throughout the day. I will share with you eternal wisdom, and my thoughts about what you are experiencing. Then you can share these with others, and the circle of love will be complete. This is my wish for you each day until I come, for I am with you always, even to the end of the world! Lovingly, Jesus.

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