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The Subconscious Mind a finished product of Grace

Dear Ones, My heart is with you this morning on this holy Sabbath day of rest and rejoicing together for what has been accomplished toward preparation for my coming. You are the ones that have been prophesied about for ages who would finish the work of salvation and usher in my kingdom of peace and righteousness. This is not because you are wiser or even more righteous than any other generation of my chosen ones of all ages, because all have been completely dedicated to me and loved and followed me in all that I required of them, even to the point of death. But because you live in the time when all the accumulated light coming down through the ages is shining upon you, this makes it possible for you to stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before you, and reap the accumulated light and blessings that will usher in my kingdom. That is why you are a part of the great multitude on the one hand, but a special group on the other, because no other generation has perfected their characters with the full light of my salvation shining upon them. Without this finished product, no other generation would be saved, because my honor depends upon my ability to bring the final generation to the perfection of my character while I was upon earth as a pattern for all mankind. How can the work of salvation be completed without a finished product of my grace? How can I be called Savior if I have not saved my people from their sins?

I perfected my character while living in a world of sin. By that I mean that I resisted every taint of sin upon my soul by maintaining my connection with my Father constantly. No one forced me to do this – I chose every moment to be filled with His Spirit through an unbroken connection with Him, thus the perfection of His mind flowed constantly into my mind, thoughts, feelings, and motives. How can anyone even think that I felt unholy thoughts, feelings and lusts of the flesh while at the same time being fully connected with my Father’s heart? Because people have never experienced the full cleansing of their own evil, lustful thoughts, they assume that I was just like them. No, that can never be! I am not to be judged on the basis of what the sinful mind of man experiences. On the other hand, my perfect life, including my thoughts and feelings, are to judge you, and unless you submit to being cleansed by my blood – which represents my character – you will not attain the perfection that is required to be in heaven. No unholy thing will be there, even in the subconscious mind, for the conscious thoughts and feelings flow from the subconscious. All the thoughts and feelings coming from the past are just below the level of the conscious mind, and can be pulled up at anytime, when the present experience taps into similar experiences from the past. This is why you often react in imperfect ways, or at least have temptations toward lust, anger, greed, covetousness, etc.

I did not have these things in my subconscious mind, for I came from heaven with the same perfect thoughts and feelings that I had from eternity with my Father. My mind was never defiled by sinful thoughts, feelings, or lusts, or I would have been a sinner just like everyone else that has come into the world with the heavy burden of the sins which the fathers have passed on to their children all the way back to Adam and Eve. But I was born with my heavenly Father’s sinless character, with His law written upon my heart, just as I had in heaven. The difference is that my sinless and holy character was connected to a body of clay which was weakened by the sins of humanity for four thousand years. You do not realize what a dreadful toll sin has made upon the bodies and minds of mankind. The noble stature and giant intellect of Adam as I created him in Eden has become so degraded by the sinful practices of human beings over thousands of years, that it is scarcely recognizable with what I created mankind to be in the beginning. It is these weaknesses that I took, which rendered it impossible for me to resist sin and Satan’s temptations on my own. But I never once tried to do it on my own. I was always aware that in order to maintain the purity and perfection of my heavenly character, I must always resist sin in just the same way that you must do – by complete dependence upon power from above – the power of the Holy Spirit – to keep my connection with the thoughts and feelings (character) of my Father, and by not ever responding to satisfy my human needs for love, acceptance, support, safety, sympathy, companionship, or any other human need, except as I received them from my Father’s hand.

And now, I have made this same privilege open to you. You cannot resist the sinful thoughts and feelings that you have inherited from your forefathers for generations back in your own strength. In order for you to have my perfect character, you must be connected with me at all times. But in order to have the perfect character that I had from the beginning, you must be cleansed of all the indulgences into sin that you have made in your past life, as well as all hereditary tendencies to sin. And this must be done before I cease my intercession for the human race and step out of the Most Holy Place in the heavenly sanctuary. If you think this cannot be done until I come in the clouds of heaven, think again. My presence destroys sin, and if you have cherished sin, even in your subconscious mind, there will be no blood covering for you, because that ministry ended when I stepped out of the Most Holy Place. So if you wait until then, you will be destroyed along with your sin, for I cannot cover you then after my work in the sanctuary is finished. If you are to be cleansed at all, you must do it now while probationary time is still open. For those who die up to the close of my work in the Most Holy Place, each one will be judged according to their faith in me and their obedience to all the light they knew. But since all the light is now shining upon this generation, there will be no concessions made for deliberate ignorance, for I will bring the light to every person to be either accepted and acted upon, or rejected to their eternal damnation. That is why the 144,000 is a special group, because they are those who accept all the accumulated light of all the ages, and go through my special cleansing of all the sins of mankind which has been inherited and cultivated since the fall in Eden. Since no one else will have gone through this complete, final cleansing, why would anyone doubt that this group will have special rewards commensurate with their spiritual accomplishments? Have I not always rewarded those who have followed me and honored me through the ages? What about Enoch and Elijah, Abraham, Moses, and Joseph, and a long list of heroes of faith who became my chosen ones who have been like stars in the darkness of error throughout history? These will receive their eternal reward.

But those who triumph amid the perils and accumulated sins of all the generations, refusing to capitulate to the doctrinal errors and ultimate profligacy to which sin has taken the human race, will be the capstone of my work as the Savior of mankind. Without this final perfected remnant, I could not claim the victory over the works of the devil and all that he has caused which has brought so much grief to the whole universe. Don’t you see what I am saying about the absolute necessity of a finished product of my grace? It is becoming apparent that the numbers will be few. But so I have prophesied that this would be true. Nevertheless, I am going to cut the work short in righteousness, and come and take my faithful, trusting people home to be with me forever. And there we will rejoice that the victory is won, and the war with Satan and his followers is over. Hold fast, my beloved ones, for I am coming soon, and your reward will be great throughout eternity, for you have followed and obeyed me through the darkest time in history, and have not capitulated to the lies and wiles of the enemy, but have clung tenaciously to me and my truth. Therefore, you will live and reign with me forever on my throne beside my Father, surrounded by all the angelic host and the redeemed of all ages. In the meantime, keep your eyes and your hearts focused upon me and turn not from the truth to contemplate evil or errors, but keep your eyes upon me and you will never fail to please me, for I will sustain and guard and guide you every moment. And never forget to call upon me for every need that you have, for I am, as always, just a prayer away! Lovingly, Jesus.

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