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The Trumpets

Dearest Ones,

I am pleased with your dedication to receive all the light that I have for you to learn and share about the trumpets. There will be continuing light on this important subject until the close of probation. It is an important part of the loud cry of Revelation 18, and the understanding of the second and third angels' messages as they apply to the final generation. I am now ready to open up the subject of the trumpets to the world, for it is my invitation and warning to come into the hiding place of my Sanctuary before it is too late. [Isa.26:20, 21.] Therefore the subject for today is "the trumpets." [Rev. Chapters 8-11.]

I have not addressed this before to any generation because it was not present truth for them. The seven trumpets of Revelation were given specifically for the final generation who would see me come in the clouds of heaven. This is because the seventh trumpet is the announcement of my coming in all my glory. [Matt. 24:30, 31.] It is also the battle cry against the nations of earth who have not served me, but have rejected the messages of warning which they will have heard in the three angels' messages, [Rev. 14:1-12] and the fourth angel of Revelation 18. These messages are due to be preached now, and will swell to the loud cry as my coming draws nearer. You will see the progression of events coming to pass that will require the full message of Revelation 18.

The light of these messages must go forward to counteract the darkness that is upon the people, [Isa. 60:1-3] even in my church. Those who do not want to hear or understand the necessity of the cleansing that is needed to be prepared for my coming will be your sharpest and most intense enemies, because they do not want to believe that their present condition will not be acceptable when I come, and that they must humble themselves and search their hearts and repent of every sin that remains upon their souls and upon their records in heaven.

I am now preparing to blot out the names of those who shall rise up against the light that I am giving on these subjects. They do not realize that they are rejecting the light of the latter rain, nor will they until it is too late, just as Satan only realized his error when he was cast out of heaven. They will then come to you and ask for the extra oil [Matt. 25:8], but you will have nothing to give them after the cleansing time has passed, and probation has closed. Then they will be cast into outer darkness, and there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth as they realize their eternal loss. [Lu. 13:24-28.] At that time the devil will appear upon earth [LDE 162- 9; GC 624] and encourage them that I have come at last, and they will be deceived because they will then be completely under his delusive power. They will be among the foremost in condemning you to death and urging the death decree.

It is then that I will appear in the clouds of heaven to route my enemies and save my people from death. And I will sound my trumpet call that will pierce the ears of the dead, and my sleeping saints will arise to life [1Cor. 15:51, 52] and live with me forever in my kingdom of light, love, peace, joy and safety. Never again will they be tempted, harassed, threatened or persecuted. Never again will they be tortured and murdered for my sake. My trumpet call is also a battle cry against my enemy, just as each trumpet that the seven angels blow is a warning to Satan and his evil host that I am in charge of the world that he claims as his citadel, and that I am about to bring him down to the pit for 1,000 years, just as I said I would do. [Rev. 20:1-3.] Each trumpet is an announcement that I am destroying his kingdom bit by bit and piece by piece. Each trumpet is an example of how the devil cannot keep his kingdom together - the elements, the animals of the sea, the land and the air, and the nations over which he claims it is his right to rule.

Therefore, be joyful my faithful ones, that you have chosen to follow me and know my plan and preach it fearlessly to the world. Satan will hate your victory over him in presenting this, because you are reminding him that his kingdom is being destroyed and mine is being built up in the person of my faithful followers. He has always been angry with my followers who have lived and served me even unto death. His hope has been that if he could prevent the development of a final cleansed remnant, he could still win the war against me. But now that he sees you moving forward, and he hears the truth that you are presenting, he is desperate to keep others from learning how to be set free from the power of sin in their lives. But do not be afraid to move forward, for I am your Captain, and I will go before you and lead you to victory over all the hosts of darkness.

You must not move aggressively in your own strength and ability and wisdom, for you are helpless on your own against the plans of the enemy. Without my leadership and protection, and the success of the final cleansing of my people, Satan would win the great controversy and would claim that his power to win the hearts and lives and obedience of people was greater than my power to save people from the effects of sin. But as he now sees my people moving forward in the cleansing during my second apartment work, he is determined to undermine the truth that you are presenting; and he is desperate to keep others from learning how to be set free from the power of sin in their lives. But do not be afraid, for as you go forward, I will cause the light will shine everywhere, and then the end will come. Look to me and trust in me and you cannot fail.

Go now to the activities of your day, but keep calm and keep connected with me, and I will fulfill my purpose through you. Trust and go forward, and you will see the salvation of the Lord. Lovingly, Jesus.

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