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Tolerance indicates Indifference

Dearest Ones,

I am pleased with your steadfastness and purpose to follow my guidance every day as we go forward to the end. I have much for each person to do in the scheme of things that yet have to be accomplished. But I am not asking for more than you can do, but just keep a steady pace and an eye single to my glory, and then you will not lag behind in any good works.

Now to the topic of the day. It is the character quality that was needed by the church of Thyatira. This church represents the era of history during the development of the rise of the papacy, which is characterized by the woman Jezebel. In times of apostasy, it is difficult to maintain one's spiritual integrity against the sway of the majority who want to go on with their lives as though nothing is happening around them in the church and in society. That's why the text says, "You tolerate that woman Jezebel" (Revelation 2:20). Tolerate indicates indifference, and a desire to go on with life undisturbed by the growing noose that Satan is preparing to spring upon the world with lightning speed. He is an experienced hunter, and he studies his prey. He knows that if he allows the Sabbath-Sunday issue to arise too quickly, the attention of The Seventh-Day Adventist Church would be riveted upon the imminent danger of a Sunday law. So he allows it to go underground, and be focused upon Family Day, family rights, climate control, etc., and all the while he is definitely gaining ground in the minds of people around the world. But let a crisis come that affects the well-being of countries and people, and the Sunday law will be touted as a way to meet the challenge, and earn the favor of God. I tell you sincerely, the battle is just ahead of you.

But in the meantime, my church is asleep on the borders of Canaan. Yes, some are seeing the warning signs, but it appears to be farther in the distance than it really is. Business as usual is the tune of the day. People are making religious movies and songs and palliative sermons and activities as though my coming was yet a long way off and they must occupy until I come. While at the same time, my judgments are about to fall upon the world. I am not angry at my people because being angry doesn't do any good, and only makes people fear me and run from a true relationship with me. But in the short time that we have left I want my true Watchmen on the walls of Zion to preach a clear message that it is time for my army to be ready and waiting for all to advance against the enemy, because it is time to cross the Jordan into the promised land. I want every soldier in my army to be awake and alert and ready to move forward at the slightest notice. Don't be afraid to unveil the sins of Babylon so that people can see where we are in time and prophecy. Many are longing to understand what is happening and will respond and join the ranks if they hear the true message. So take courage, my beloved ones. Do not sink down into lethargy and self-serving. Look to me and I will provide for all your needs. But do not forget your calling as Watchmen on the walls of Zion and preach the truth boldly with clarity and winsomeness and you will not fail to receive your reward.

Now go to your activities for today but stay close to me and listen to my still small voice guiding and inspiring you moment by moment, and look to me for everything you need, and you will not fail to please and honor me in your daily activities and the plan for your life. Please do not permit anything to discourage or dishearten you, because I have an answer for everything, and I am, as always, just a prayer away. Lovingly, Jesus.

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