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Dearest Ones,

I am thinking of you today with a heart full of love and compassion as I see you busy about the work that I am asking you to do. You are all so responsive to the slightest whisper of my Spirit, and so eager to do my bidding. With such an army of workers, the work will soon be accomplished. Therefore the topic for today is "victory."

No one enters into a battle with the expectation of losing. Even Satan imagines himself to be the winner of the battle for my kingdom, even though he knows the assurances of Scripture that I and my followers will triumph over evil in the end. Now it is time for all my true followers to focus on the goal that lies just ahead of us - victory over the powers of darkness. This necessitates setting the personal goal of never allowing the Devil to bring darkness or discouragement upon you. Darkness is a result of looking upon the problem and not upon my power and purpose to bring you out of darkness into the light of my approval and love for you. When Satan, the prince of darkness, draws near to you, he wants you to dwell upon the darkness instead of the light of my countenance which shines upon you when you look to me and trust in me. But if you look to me, I will make a way for you to triumph over the powers of darkness, and live in the light of faith in my promises.

You know that during the time of trouble that is just ahead of you, the withdrawal of the Holy Spirit from the earth will allow the demons to have control of their followers and there will be no more light shining from the second apartment of the heavenly Sanctuary. But there will be light in every dwelling of the saints, for my presence through the Holy Spirit and the angels will be with you to bring you hope and courage and bring back the words of Scriptures and the Spirit of Prophecy to your memory to buoy you up. But the trials of being in a world where there is no more light shining to earth from my intercessory work in the most holy place will more be more difficult than you can now imagine. So you must make up your mind now to practice resisting the temptation to become discouraged or fearful, so that faith hope and courage through trial will become a part of your nature when everything around you is dark and depressing. This is what it will take to be victorious in the present and in the future.

Consider the lives of the faithful men and women who have gone before you and persevered even unto death. Remember the beloved apostle John on the Isle of Patmos, and Paul the greatest writer of Scripture in the New Testament. They persevered and held on to me by faith, and so can you. The greatest rewards of faith are victory over the powers of darkness, and walking with me when the shadows deepen and there is no end in sight to the trial. So it was when I hung upon the cross. And now you will pass through the Valley of Baca and make it a place of springs [Ps. 84:5-7] by your perseverance and unfailing faith. Thus you will gain the same victory that I have won for you, and join the multitude of the redeemed who have passed that way before you. And you will sing the song of Moses and the Lamb [Rev. 15:3], for you will have crossed the last valley of darkness and come out into everlasting light! Lovingly, Jesus.

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