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Well done, thou good and faithful servant

Dearest Ones,

The time has arrived when I want every person to dedicate every moment to be in harmony and oneness with me in every area of their lives. This is the work of the Holy Spirit in its fullness in the time of the latter rain. Until now, there has been a great latitude extended to mankind, because of the natural needs of the flesh and the hereditary and cultivated sins coming down through the generations. But now that I am about to finish my work in the Most Holy Place, there must be perfect harmony of spirit between me and those who have chosen to go through the time of trouble such as never was in the history of mankind. [Dan. 12:1.]

The reason I can shelter my chosen ones during that time is because they are in complete harmony and oneness with me, and every avenue in the brain that would make them susceptible to the temptations of Satan has been cleansed by the blood of sprinkling. [Heb. 12:22-24.] In other words, if you are still in harmony with the mind of the evil one, to him you will belong, and he has access to you in the areas of thinking and feeling that agree with him. Although I have borne long with mankind, I will no longer do so after my final cleansing and blotting out of sin is finished and I close my intercessory work in the Most Holy Place. At that time every person will have made their final decision on every issue of life, and there will be no more work for me to do in interceding for my people, for all will have cooperated with me in the cleansing and will be sealed in their foreheads and filled by the latter rain.

That work is now almost finished, but there is yet a little time for the last warning message to be preached, and to have its full effect to gather in all who are honest in heart and desire a place in my kingdom. Then the door of salvation will close forever, and I will pronounce the solemn words, "It is done." No more prayers will be accepted from those who have turned away from the still small voice of my Spirit speaking to their hearts. No more words will be heard from my faithful ones who have preached the last messages of warning and appeal to the rejecters of my grace.

What a sad time for my Father and me and the loyal angels who have labored diligently in the harvest field to turn the hearts of people to the truths contained in the messages that were being preached by my faithful ones! I do not relish the death of the wicked, [Eze. 33:11] but grieve over the souls who will never see the light of my countenance or receive my approbation. Sin has been a terrible experience for the universe, and when I close probationary time, there will be a period of silence in heaven. [Rev. 8:1.] But then my heart and all my love and protection will be focused upon my lovely ones who have listened to my voice and followed my counsel and have come into full agreement with me on every subject and every point, and have loved not their lives to the death [Rev. 12:11] if I had required that of them.

But my martyrs of the past have proved their loyalty to me, and now my final people will prove to the universe that a fully cleansed people can stand through the time of trouble without a mediator and yet not sin against me even in their hearts. Thus the work of the plan of salvation will be finished, and a glorious, sin-free eternity will begin. Do you want to be among that number who stand before my throne on the sea of glass and sing the song of Moses and the lamb which no man can sing except the 144,000 [Rev. 14:3] who have a witness for me that no one else can do? My last generation of cleansed people will be the marvel of men and angels and inhabitants of other worlds, because every sin will have been cleansed by my blood at the worst time in history. May each of you who read this message be among that number when I make up my jewels in the last generation. [Mal. 3:16-18.]

Now go to the activities of your day, but remember me in all you do and in all your thoughts, and I will guide you in the most minute details of your life. Thus you will become filled by my Spirit and a finished product of my grace and salvation, and when I come you will hear me say, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant...enter thou into the joy of thy Lord." [Matt. 25:21.] Lovingly, Jesus.

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